Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Guilty again!

Seems this is my last days of the new year party, coming to an end. I will be starting my new job soon at wataniya maldives (the new mobile company). I am suppose to report to job on the 1st of Feb 2005. Taking a rest these days; though i am still working at ROL (focus infocom). Going a bit mallow. yeah yeah yeah! the whole point is that I am gonna miss my job and this company. I love it here, but for reasons that are a bit strange.. I have finally decided to give in to Windows! what ever that means.

Tonight I think i had a nice time as well; with the usual friends (the fantastic 4) and an other friend from old days of IRC (back in 1996/97). We had a nice time.. thanks dudes. I will miss these days once they pass by.


Penny-a-thought said...

"I have finally decided to give in to Windows!"

That means you're stuck for life trying to keep ur OS stable, until you're drive to jump out of one (window that is) in a multi-story building...

It wont kill ya, but will break a few bones and cripple you bad enough- in short, welcome to M$ Windows :P


primary0 said...

Still guilty... and so we count the days.

<> said...

I wud like to join Wataniya too:)how u got the job.is dat an offer or something.
i wanna join wataniya too .will ya help in dat.Puh..plssssssss