Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Zoroastrian faith and philosophy

I have been doing a bit of reading on Zoroastrians; i have been very much impressed by zoroastrian philosophy..some years back a friend of mine (Mohamed) use to read a book by a celebrated German pholospher, Nietzsche; and talk about Zarathustra; I use to joke about it; but.. here i am now... use to joke about the famous quote:
Thus Spoke Zarathustra
anyway, i think i like teachings like not praising a god who is a bribe taker. The teachings say a true god is not a bribe taker; where he/she (god) is bribed by worship and then he/she rewards his worshipers with a part of paradise. Also in their belief the almighty god is not a dealer, he is neither a buyer nor a seller, and does not need also be flattered by his/her creatures. God must or is the initiator of justice, kindness, and truthfulness and guides his/her creatures to the same principles. Mostly Zoroastrian teachings are based on good reflection, good word, and good deed.

Zoroastrians are some times called "Parisi" /ފާރިސީ (thanks to anisha for correcting the name) too; some of these people live in India. The origin is from Iran; but due to the Arab' invasion they have emigrated to Inida in the ninth century.

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*+^anisha^+* said...

i liked the post.
i am from india
though i'm not a parsi...thats whats they're called btw..not paris! ;)
i agree with u their philosophies are intriguing.did u noe that they worship the fire?and in their fire temples,no non parsis are allowd..weird huh?.
but here if u say anyone is a parsi it's automatically presumed they're a little..umm...mad!
anyway just wanted to say i liked the post
do view my blog sometime if u wanna..
if u wanna...not forcin it ain't gr8 but...wteva
ok i'll shut up now!