Friday, January 14, 2005

Modern Cultural Slavery

The cultural diversity with in a culture... yes! hard to grab? but it does exist here in Male'; Maldives. I am not referring to traditional cultures, but some thing a bit of a more then that. More to do with life styles and stuff. Basically we are very easy going and fun loving people by nature and have always enjoyed the life style we lived. Imagine this.. Islands: sun, sky, sand and tsunami.. Oops I mean sea. No mountains no hills no tigers or snakes; just tiny islands.. A hut, coconut trees and fish to eat. What more would I man ask for? But.. Most people think there is a lot more to life then that! Maybe earn a lot of money; work all day from 8pm to maybe like 9pm, most week ends in office as well. Hardly get time for even a coffee'. "man i am a busy guy"; thats the answer u get. Hardly any time for the family.. so whats the good part of it "Money", "cool cars" , "big bikes", "latest mobile phones", wow ey! makes me always wonder and compare between dolphins and us humans; who are happy? us or them?

Anyway I don't wanna go on talking about it! cos each of us has our own views about life and what has to be achieved.

Getting back to this culture I guess here; we find a few of them; maybe the top of the chats will be the "Harudhanaa" type of people. Next might comes "the surfer dudes", followed by "Death golaain" and maybe finally "casual easy go" types. And people inbetween.

So who are they? "Harudhanaa" / ހަރުދަނާ is the new trend. Where they have a very interesting life style. These guys wear office wears and tie and all. they carry the latest mobile phones (of which only they use 20% of the functionality), ride on "waves"; Honda wave series bikes. Or now it's evolving to cars. Not just any cars but top of the line cars (I'd hope to talk about these laters on some other day; hehe). And "they are always busy"; you call them they are always busy or at a "Meeting". People look up to these people and refer to them as "Harudhanaa" people. Maybe meaning stable/solid guys. Or maybe "they are rich or will be rich soon". Late night almost everyone goes for the daily "buru": ride along the beach road of the island; which a chick at the back or next to you. And at the start of the month drop in to "Thai wok" for a tomyaam soup. These are the guys that your parents or your wife wants you to be. They are the people to whom people look up to. hahaha. yes! it's true. You go to office at 8 or maybe 9 sign in; take a break at 10; etc.. i don't know what most of these people do all day, but i hope to dig in more. Does not matter how productive you are or creative you are; if you come late to office; you are no one! bad example on others! It's not the quality it's the quantity that matters here. I can go on and on. But I wish to cut short.

by the way these two does not in reality fit to any of what i said above; just using this pic to show off the dress code. But unlike this pic the guys of this type does not carry the girls hand bang on them.

So what about the rest? hmmm! well they are no bodies.. they kill the time ! total waste! yeah! they are. Thats what this society says. One very commonly used term is "Paartey" for most others. Creativity and the rest of the qualities in people are not valued much. Even if they are and people know they are who they are, still they are referred to as "total wastes". Know the reason? Cos they don't make money or they don't work their back off to help someone else get money or make money out of them.

A surfer dude or how they are mostly referred to as a "Paartey"

Sad fact is people really think this way. And they kinda follow these trends. Or is it some thing wrong with me? I guess so. Always the majority is right? right? Where do i fit in? No where; maybe in the type "stuck in the middle", but thats my personnel view. Again i can't judge on that. Or should i? hmmmm!


Simon said...

Soppat, what is bothering you? Did someone say you're not harudhana? Even if you're not Harudhana... you can be Haru any time right? Dhana can come later.

I think you have a point here. My 2 cents: there does exist a culture such as you explained: fast cars, fast, glorified motorbikes, camera-phones or phone-cameras etc etc. I think this type of culture exists elsewhere also. Difference is, here, we lack something to inspire and aspire to. There is nothing we look forward to tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a repeat broadcast of today's mundaneness.

Most of us live a prosaic life. Fast cars and mobile phones are as interesting as it gets.

Also, ironically, whenever I call, you're always busy too. Have you reached the Dhana level already?

Anonymous said...

The problem with the maldivian society is that there are too many wanna-be's and people with inner concerns of others perspective about them.

primary0 said...

No shit! To be honest, I am struggling to fit into one of these cultures, and the problem is, it is just too damn funny to me and I agree on Simon's point. Anyway, I hope something will come up tomorrow, today's repeat broadcast!