Sunday, May 15, 2005

Dear MR. TM/Ali Asim from PO

This guy TM/Ali Asim has an article on . What is he saying? IS he out of his mind? He does not make any sense! I strongly suggest him to read my posts and get to know more. The ass hole does not have an idea what he is talking about! Trying to frame PH and drag him into their political games. One thing he keeps forgetting is if PH wanted to destroy him and his gang; as he is claiming. He could have done it. His name, his address everything will be out. The point here being; the reason why sites like this have been hiding behind closed doors and operating is cos PH was not on any side. If he and his friends are operating from Maldives; it's damn easy to trace them and point and EXPOSE them! Get this into your brains! But this has not been done. Which proves that PH did not have any association with DO. The real fact for Maldives being that if he was he can give sappe' the stuff that he will bend over for. That sensitive information! DO would be flooded with names and posts and emails and chat logs and addresses and other related stuff! I don't understand why these ass holes don't get this point into their stupid brains. Only think I can think of is they lack LOGIC and think from the ASS! So asshole stop trying to prove my friend is responsible for your wrong doings! And yeah since you mentioned about drug addicts I would like to express my view! Simply why? why are these people growing in numbers day by day and why is this shit getting into the country? MDP? Do they control the boarders gateways to Maldives? Now I am confused do they run the customs and the Police? Please answer me; also read if you have to. Don't BULL Shit you dumb mutt! And why do you hide and talk! Come out and face it. On you will find a whole list of individuals who are fighting for PH with NAMES! Unlike you people who just hide with some name. This alone proves we have the guts to face this and we know you guys are wrong! If you wanna attack back publish your name address and contact numbers too; or if you feel you wanna talk and prove what ever u wanna prove face me; don't just hide inside an office and post. What have you done for your country? Wrote shit? And look at Ph's achievements and his contributions. You should be ashamed to even talk like that! Make some sense and logic; don't just accuse people in or at other sites. If you look at all these sites they are so on hiding; why? Even the registered user is some guy in UK or US. Not even maldivians! Why? What are you guys scared of? Why is that you can't face it! Like we know DO is owned by sappe' and MDP by the the mdp guys! Why are you guys hiding? If you say you speak the truth come out and don't hide; be proud! Don't hide. Answer this please. Now I am pissed with you guys! What's wrong with you guys? I really look forward to talk to you guys in real life and wanna see what kinda sense and logic you guys follow! I really do! But I know you won't. You are just scared rats; who hide and shoot!


..Shan.. said...

YEah Sofwath,

I believe there is no reason for them to keep Ph in custody. I have known him from school days too, although havent been in touch with him for sometime. Though, rest assured, i can say that he is not that kinda guy who some people are trying to frame him as. I can still remember the good old days we all had as a group, especially with Ph was one good old buddy. Just to recall some of the school days stuff... I can still remember the days he used to ride this big motor bike :)and we all went for this rides around Male' and all. That was good days. We all had lots of fun. Everyone noticed that Ph being different from us all. He is a guy of principles. Above all he is the simplest and humblest friend anyone could have. You could always relie on him.I dont believe that he could have done anything like what he is being accused of. So i join you all to free Ph. Free PH.

Gaanagaa said...

These guys from defactomaldives and themaldivian organization are the highest rank of cowards we cud ever see. Its how these guys work.... they can never reveal themself, they are so scared to do it. I wonder what they know abt PH. And by reading this article on the organizational site, I wonder how and what they now abt human and interlectual rights. it seems they are trying to justify the fact that PH's detention is for the "Homeland security" or whatever the accusation it might be.

Maaaai friends...
As we all know Dhis f**king Dhivehi Observer is done by that small tiny sappey, and if your team with that "ultimate teeny weeny man" can't stop him, why dont you just give up.

kendiabdu said...

Before I start - there is no harm in using offesive language to offend people who really deserved to be offended. here I go!

First of all the so-called themaldivian and fact..(errr nevermind) is uploaded directly from defense ministry. surely themaldivian is. Once upon a time they made the stupid mistake of sending a mail shot with their registered ip addressed. anyone who checked the mail headers of that mailshot should have seen this. I have seen it. Pretty anonymous eh?

Fuckers can't even say a word with their real identity. Mundhoodhu-thoothukolhu-fucking-supposed-genious writes in themaldivian. Everything you see there is just crap, lacks evidence... facts!! Dhivehi articles are like grade5 essays...! if you can't keep up with your rivals why not join them?

Like chopey said, what the fuck have you idiots done to your country? As for PH he had done a lot for his country. The stupid fucks are just desperate to stop information flow. By attempting to control the information flow (which actually cannot be done), kaminee gey maumoon abdul gayoom and adam zahir is prooving to world that they are incapable of filling such critical posts of this country. I mean what kinda moronic idiot would even think of controlling the uncontrollable. Dont you have better things to do for this country? power hungry fucks!!

The Mourning said...

Sure free him. No point in arresting people, even if he admin DO, is that against the law?

PS: Mourning is a stupid game, don't mind this account, you all know who I am.

Anonymous said...

f**k u golhaaboa if u can come to addu i will kill u