Sunday, May 22, 2005

Good morning Maldives!

Today is the 22nd Day since PH was taken! How many more days? What have he done to be kept in a cell for 22 days? Cos he did good to this country and worked hard? Cos he protected our privacy? Cos he was a good person who was always willing to help? Cos he inspired so many? Why? I need answers? Why? The reasons we were given in just BULL SHIT! try to sell it to a 2 year old; even a child won't buy that story! And what do you expect us to be? Fools and idiots? Curse you!

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Anonymous said...

wouldn't it had been easier for them to do a check on a site like networksolutions and see the person whois paying for the domain... or like look up where the site is hosted and get the person paying for the webspaces and all that. I'm sure it would've been so much easier for them since they are 'the ultimate powerful POLICE of the Maldives' .. no no.. that couldn't have been done.. we need to torture someone.. or put bullet into someone for no reason...

sorry dude.. you are so blacklisted!