Saturday, May 14, 2005

whois PH? Why PH?

Well; who is PH? He is Ismail Faiz. Why PH? As for what I know from school days everyone knows he was one smart ass. So the guys called him PHD and the short PH. That's one story. The other most people assume is since his name is Faiz; it might be spelled as Phaiz; from that the first two letters is taken. But I known him from 8th grade and been close buddies since then.

His work I started to see since, which is way back in 1990. He is one hell of a coder I would say. From the BBC basic and QBASIC days; his skills was known to all of us in the group. Works done on thaana and other applications was some things to be really noted. Then came the time when he joined Dhiraagu and started work on ISP; he proved there too his skills on routers and Unix. No one will question that. Basically what I wanna say here is you can teach 100's of ppl to shoot and go do all the normal work which others do. But you can't find many ppl like PH in this country. I can bet on that. No one in the government sector has half the skill he has and can perform. The gov and others have invested on IT education so much; come on bring one person out who can even come close. There is just a few people who knows what he knows and does what he does. As many would agree he is a big asset to the country and one we should be proud of. One who was self made and one who has been an inspiration to a lot of us. He is no tom dick and harry! He is some one who can't be replaced. We need him, and we need him now. If you guys don't know how to appreciate ppl like him; kiss my ass. I know so many companies and countries who will take him in happily. If he choose to he could easily get a job else where and make money too. But he decided to stay here and serve us. Ass holes appreciate that at least. If you don't know how to value and appreciate stuff; then ask around..Least!

There are people among us with all the paper qualifications and just good for nothing; who just command and sit and sign stuff. These people are not what we want; the county needs people like PH and he is the best example one can show on the IT side. We all know him and we all respect him. Most of all we all want him out NOW! FREE PH!

One more thing I would like to quote here which he said once; even before he joined Dhiraagu: "roti, kapulhaa auru internet"; guess this is Hindi; I don't know how to spell it but basically this means "food,shelter and internet"!

Ok finally DUMB fools get this into your limited brains. If Ph was operating DO; it would not look so shity and would not be such a static site! Secondly if he wanted to expose people you would not walk in male' streets with your underwears on. All internet traffic was going between his legs, and he could have exposed and done anything with that. Still if you don't understand what I mean by this; get a freaking TCP/IP guide and read. Your mails, all your cyber sex sessions all the porn you watch. Basically he is like god where internet was concerned. So if he wanted to play your wives and girl friends would get logs of your cyber sex sessions and people would get a list of porn sites you watch everyday. Get that into your mind; dumb ass holes. And if you still don't know these are possible; be ware. All that you publish thinking you are safe and all the mails and chats. Ah ah aaar! I would think twice before playing with fire. I won't challenge anyone on a battle field with a gun; or try to piss him. cos I don't know how to shoot or fight! Basically play in your domain; and stay there don't step into others domains and expect to piss them off and sleep happily. Plus you guys don't have anyone who even knows ABC's about internet and computers. Total waste of money and time. Get your people trained and teach them some logic or better find some smart people. Then we would be avoiding these sort of stuff. Hope this helps.


kidman said...

none can agree more ... chopey..
detaining PH will not silence our voice. hurting his self esteem, family and friends will only make things from bad to worse.. remember this favourite qoute. "This world is like a dancing girl; it dances for a little while to everyone" .. whoever treats his fellow brothers gets it in there aSss oneday. i promise .. > chopey this is a blow not to us alone but to the entire comunity. i pray this tyrany would end and and we could once again walk FREE >> FreePH NOW..

Anonymous said...

dude... its nice what you have written about him... but how the hell do we get him outta there?

I've already put a JIHAD on Mundhood and the government!