Saturday, May 21, 2005

My Letter TO


I have been following your site and DO; who have been trying to make it look as if PH is associated with your political games of cat and rats. I would like to express my views and educate you on this matter. Which I strongy feel should be done.

As for PH; for your information: he has been the sys admin for the dhivehinet (which was been the only internet service provider for years and still is the major ISP in the country). Maybe you don't know but mail servers and web servers of PO; NSS and Police and other gov's ae also kept under him! He is the person who designed and maintained these networks! ask anyone from Dhiraagu on this!

Point being IF he was part of DO; he won't just send bull shit there! he will have real facts; not just crap! Other point is all the traffic goes through his network! again let me explain this too! this means he can sniff all your activities! chats; emails; your porn activities ; everything! from everyone! An't this stuff for which Sappe' will bend over for? Get it! still don't?

Other fact is; if he was making DO; this site won't be such crappy static page! OK! he is more capable then any guy you guys have! no one in the gov knows half the stuff he knows about networking and the internet! And the other sad fact is All the dead guys and unborn children know the site DO is made and maintained by Sappe'. I don't know why you guys don't know this! please explain! Where and how can PH be involved with DO? any points? you say he is involved or he is the one who is making this site! dudes! are this is not April 1st? is it?

Please leave my friend out of your dirty political games! We don't want any part of this! And yeah his buddies and his friends run the internet in maldives; and people who are inspired by him! ONLY them! incase you don't know about this! maybe they don't own it! but they run the show and make sure everyone stays connected and no information leak is there! this is sensitive stuff! like the ftp passwords that you send over your connection to your sites; etc! I mean they don't need to bring or hack into these! it goes through them! just need to listen! yeah just "listen"; what if they start to not ONLY listen but "talk" as you claim! what IF ph was and did? aaah! all those mails; cyber sex sessions! now we don't want them to be leaked do we? Now all i am saying is IF Ph was part of it... would you be publishing these stuff and be sitting in the cover of sum office and do all this! think about this. These are stuff which is being ignored in all your claims!

If PH was part of DO; think of all that will and would have happened? you dont have a clue or idea about this network which you use; how and why it works and which goes where! why you do all this with so much confidence is cos of people like PH; cos they made you feel safe! and its cos of them all this goes on! we don't take any sides when it comes to the internet! we don't want any thing to be blocked or anyone to be exposed! it's a free service and should be free from any control over it! I don't know whats wrong with you guys and DO; what ever it is! leave my friend out of it!

Thanks! if you still don't know or don't get it! ask the people who knows about this SHIT!




How many times do i have to repeat the same old shit to get the message into their slow bains!??!!


senses0 said...

chops wrote --> How many times do i have to repeat the same old shit to get the message into their slow bains!??!!

This is how you do it chops,

for($i=0; $i=count($infinty); $i++)
echo "you dumb shit heads, PH is not interested in your crap";

The constant repetition, till the end of time, may help them. thats a MAY BE, btw.

Simon said...

Senses0, let me optimize that for you:

while (1) {
// do your stuff