Thursday, May 19, 2005

hello hilmee from

hello hilmee from

I just want to tell you this, if you don't have any solid facts and think you can make them up and try to convince people you are wrong. If you happen to listen to music; i am sure you would have heard the song which says "you can fool some people some times; but you can't fool all the people all the time".

Lets face the facts; don't refer to DO about PH; refer to And you say his family is not involved or is happy? dead wrong dude? you know him? or we know him and his family? this letter you talk about was given to them on the 17th of May; refer to his brother (you have the address his name is ibrey! ask him! need the number too?). It was written on 12th; but signed on 17th and given to them on 17th. Hope that clears the first part. Oh great! they have Internet access at Police jails!! daaa! thats what you are saying. I mean first you are saying DO is going on and on about PH; then you say DO is inactive since PH was arrested! man say one thing! are you lost! If PH is making DO then who is sappe'? Man you are gonna kill sappe' by breaking his heart? hehehe! i mean he works like a dog for this site; and you are giving credit to PH for it! man! now thats a joke! So what do you pick? Stick to one thing! I repeat again! first you say after Ph's arrest DO is going on and on about it! then you say Ph is making DO; and since his arrest it has stopped! so what are you trying to say! In my terms it's called "sucked off a horse". Man you are so lost and so much trying to prove shit that you also don't understand!

Ok! second fact! You say Ph is involved in DO. IF SO! READ MY LIPS! oops no you can't so READ and MARK my words! IF he was ; then you would be exposed! and so will many like you! and DO will be full of stuff that will expose so many stuff! can't you get that! I mean Internet was going between his legs! He has the full control over it! If he wanted he could read everything you send! ALL the mails you send; all the porn sites you visit! all the cyber sex you have! and also the passwords for you fucking sites! get it! And so can the rest of his gang! Won't this be worth a million dollars for the so called "Rich" and the "Power Hungry" ; what ever! GET THAT YOU FREAK! IDIOT! now beat that! and make some fucking sense! I mean fool people who don't know this shit! don't try to make up stories that you create in your own imaginary world! OK dick Head! Yeah! and if you are pissed face me and this! don't just write shit again! Every fucking this you write about PH i will disprove you and you can't defend it! By the way he worked for the only ISP in maldives as the systems admin for almost 10 years before another came in. And he was the guy who was blocking the sites too; when he gets that order from who ever guys! he is the one who trained who ever who is doing that job now! Do you know the things you have at the air ports that screens your bags? yeah which shows you x-ray kinda picture of the bags! same thing dude for your data! and everything! nothing can be hidden! thats for your information! and everything is logged everything can be traced if you have the know how and resources! so you know what he was capable of! no you don't thats why you are saying all that! cos if you knew you would not!

You guys did not know shit when you took him in; still you don't! all this articals are proving it! you guys are just making a fool out of your selves! wanna fight lets fight! don't just hide! come on face us! we are open for this talk! why are you guys hiding? scared? ey! "birun dhoa?", don't worry we won't DOS you or sniff your cyber sex sessions and expose you. ok? we respect peoples privacy! daaa!

I hope you read this! you fucking freak! yes you are!you just talk about shit you don't know! attack DO if you are pissed about Sappe' and MDP. Leave Ph out of this! and official site and news about ph's arrest is at read that. And don't tell me it's also done by PH? Ok I killed Adolf Hitler too! do you believe that too? I think you will! ass hole! you are just pissed about DO and MDP and that is getting into you and you are out of your fucking minds! fight among your selves; leave us out of this! this has become a joke and now it's way over the limit! Don't piss us more ; you freaking idiots who are in your late 50's and fucked up this country! we don't need you no more! retire and watch your grand children grow! face it our times are done! sooner or later! we don't need no more shit anymore! least do some good before you fucking DIE and go DEEP down 6 (six) feet down under! now get pissed and arrest me too!

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