Sunday, May 29, 2005

Linux <-- I Love you!

When I say this I mean it. Like I still remember the days (years I would say) back in 1996 to 2001 or so. People use to joke about Linux. Some thought it's too DOS like! daaa? And others thought it was a stone age tool and no good for anything. Well most people did not know what it was all about! Keeping Linux aside they did not know anything was there besides Windows! Anyway I am happy I stood by Linux and *NIX.

So many questions popped those days, like what will you do with Linux? Can it run coral draw (sure it use to) and can it run MS Word and Excel (yeah! It does not! What ever way we do it) and also stuff like does it have a windows like thingy? My o my! Guess for some people computing was all about word processing and desktop publishing! Anyway now I don't need to fight anymore or try to explain where and how Linux/Unix can be used! Cos from the email service you use to the phones that you carry is going and is on Linux/Unix.

For almost the last one year, I have totally worked on Linux/Unix. And I am one happy person. I am proud to say I don't have the freaking M$ Winbows on my machine. I run "Linux". Yeah Baby! I word process, I read my mails, I browse, I use IM's, I code and yeah I can even play music and watch DVD's and use WiFi networks! And I DON'T need to "patch" my machine every week or have anti-virus s/w installed. :0)

The work that I do, for my luck is totally or 90% related to UNIX too. So again, I am one happy person! And my *nix will run on one of the most expensive servers which the country has purchased so far. It's not goona be on "Winbows", but guess what on HP-UX. buhahhaha! So where does windows come to play? For the end users! Yeah! It's like the auto cars. No newbes can drive F1's. Kick my ass now! Or rather now it's time I will say to all those Windowsers out there who said Linux/Unix is crap, "fadaboe"! Still UNIX rulez!

But one sad thing is I can't get Linx/Unix guys from Maldives. I only know a handfull of them. This is one sad thingy.


sda said...

From where can i learn more about Linux. I know this windows is giving me head aches.

Gaanagaa said...

It wont take much time before these guys who barked at the black screen use X.
The other day I saw this dream of a giant "C" in a circle invading this country.

n3m6 said...

That's not a dream. It's a nightmare. Which way did the C point to;. to the left or to the right. either way. no more RF30 Tekken.