Tuesday, May 24, 2005

PH was handcuffed! NOT RIGHT!

PH was handcuffed and taken to the hospital last night (23rd of May 2005). This is not acceptable at all! I repeat THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. He did not commit any crime and none has been proved on him! So why? WHY? he is not a criminal to be treated this way! He did not attempt any escapes! Why was he treated this way? I ask again? Why? this is enough! being humiliated and taken away from family and friends for no reason! Someones got to be responsible for this! why? maybe you guys don't need him and his services. We need him as a friend and we need him as a great Maldivian and one of the best system administrators and network engineers Maldives has ever seen! He is not just another guy! He deserves a lot of respect! And for FM and TM ; guys this was seen and reported to me by his own brother! so don't lie about this or try to prove otherwise! cos we had has enough of your BULL SHIT TOO! and mind you! We don't like the CRAP you write about PH on your sites!


kendiabdu said...

yeah... we dont like the crap you write about ph. FUCK YOU... FUCK YOU.. and FUCK YOU... mundhooon, maumoon abdual gayoom... adam-fucking-zahir... fuck you again and again... over again.. and again FUCK YOOOOOOOOOUUU!!!

Aisthu said...

asluves tha. alhe. Aharenves Ph dhannan. eyna eh ehaa goaheh nuvaane. eyna dhen dhoo kolanvejje ennu mihaaru. eyna dhookollaafa aharen gendhey.