Monday, May 23, 2005

Still PH is not OUT!

I've been told that by Ph's family that they were informed that the police has got 15 more days extension for PH to be kept in captivity.

I looked into the reasons and I was told that they don't have major issues with him; and relating him to DO. Meaning they can't find anything againt him! So why now? OK! Now they found a CD of pictures of 12th and 13th AUG 2004. daaaa? I mean thas history! That happened! Everyone has pictures of that event! ahh! We are suppose to pretend that it never happened? You can't change history! I have a CD of pictures of the day too. I mean that's real event that happened. What's so wrong by having pictures of it? Tell me? And everyone knows PH takes pictures! He even takes pictures of kids and birthday parties; it's his hobby.

And secondly AS FAR AS I KNOW, after the tsunami event the president of Maldives, has given pardon to all those who ever arrested in relation to AUG 12th and 13th event! Was I misinformed? I mean how can they relate him to that, just cos he had pictures of him! I mean as I said before event after event they try to frame him in some way! What's next "RAPE"?

Why can't it be told that they don't like him! And they have something personnel against him!?!? It is starting to look so to me! Excuse me if I am wrong but this is the message I get! Its also being told that the police need to question 3 or 4 more people regarding him! These people are suppose to have committed a crime by sitting in the same coffee table with PH!


Senses0 said...

Uh oh... did you just say august 12, 13?

I was there taking fotos with PH. Does this mean..? Oh no... NO no NOA NOOAAAAAAAAAAAA... this is bad.. really bad.

now they are gonna summon me?

Anonymous said...

I have videos of that day. And i mean loads of them too. YEah. YEah. Loadds . I have this passion to record everything cos am fond of capturing major events thats takins place. Am i in trouble?

Ali Manik said...

what can i say. according to "their" ways u can be liable for prosecution. Its their way or no way.

xycorps said...

Maybe they think nobody else has pictures and videos of that day. Even I have them.
Not that I can access to DO.Minivan news. We listen to it on the radio. We support to FREE PH! and we have loads more photos and videos, plus we support to FREE PH!... wains wains wains wains