Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Open BSD, Free BSD and FREE PH!

It's been almost 10 days now since my good friend Ph has been taken by the police. I was told by some people that a guy who is working for the presidents office has made the initial report about Ph, claiming that he is involved with the political site DO (Dhivehi Observer). I would say who ever says that is a dumb mutt! yeah you read me right. Everyone knows the source of this site and only a fool will buy this story. It's a big joke now. First he was accused for theft, then for terrisiom and then for conspiracy to over throw the government. What next? rape? murder? anything else? come on guys! this is enough!

But who ever did report about Ph is an ASS HOLE. yeah! and I will personnaly have it againt him the moment I find out. Yeah if you are reading this consider this as a warning and a threat from me and rest of us. We don't like you. And this is our domain, and you don't pick on our friends you go play your political games else where and exercise your power over helpless people. Not us and our buddies. We will strike back and fight! Write you articals and publish them on your sites and be happy, namely fact maldives and themaldivian. These sites suck anyway, i mean face it; they are just useless crap and so it DO.

I was told some guy named mundhood or some one is the person who is to be blamed. I don't know how true this is, but I've asked some friends to check on this and varify this to me. I sure hope its not him, who is trying or tried to frame our good friend. If thats the case, I think it's not a good news for him, or for that matter anyone else who is.

This has got to stop; today its Ph, who is next? We should fight back againt these sort of stuff. I mean you can't just take people in for personnel reasons and pick on them. Simply not the way to deal with depression/ frustration and fear. This is my view and this is my Blog!

Tripple w Free Ph dot org

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