Thursday, February 24, 2005


I’ve almost lived half of my life.. Funny but it seems I just started off. I’ve spend time experimenting, enjoying and learning. Every moment that passed and chapters as many would define it as; I’ve lived and enjoyed it. Learned more every time. Made stupid and smart mistakes. But it’s just how you see and define it. Call it stupid or what ever.

But today as in this chapter of life; I am happy and alone. Very lonely while I have a family; and yet happy that I have friends. Who with or without their knowledge have shared every moment of my time. Been there some how and some way. Always gave me strength to move on. Inspired me to be who I am; and to change to a better person. I’ve learned so much from them. And I thank everyone of them. As Beatles said “In my life, I loved them all”. I don’t know what I would be if not for them. Enough? But not. Many have gone and changed, but the moment we shared and had. They were the best and they surely did contribute to what ever I contribute to you or do and say. Maybe good or maybe bad, but that’s the fact.

I had some of the hardest times one could face in life; but made it through. Maybe I broke up at some points. But hey here I am. Started off; tried to blend into being a “normal” guy; guess it worked, did it? Yeah did work the way I wanted it to. Oh well maybe most of it. So when I look back; I have to thank my friends who deserve most of the credit to it. I’ve always thought; my friends whom I have are some of the best people a guy would ask for as friends. Hmmmm! Where should I start or rather who? Difficult choice; but I would say DOSbe is a trade mark and an icon. Should I say more; I mean even my ex boss; refers to him as “Dr. DOS”. He is totally a different guy; has his own way of thinking which most people don’t really understand. Strong person; who has a vision and a mission. Won’t give up easily. A true inspiration. I’ve had a long history with him; from work to the detention centers of Police. And even now my college who is our network and infrastructure manager. Way to go man! I think you are there. Almost! My cousin Ashfaam; well what can I say about him. Simple words “would have had a hard time without your help”. He is truly my brother and my friend. We have had good times; and strange times. Shared a lot and experienced. Since the fights we had as kids to the “guilt” that we carry. I know you will mark your name some day where you want it to be. I have full faith and confidence in you. Some times; you make me feel I am the younger brother not the other way around. If you really know what that means. My friend shah; he is a man of character and with a creative mind. A beautiful one. Been like a hub to all of us. More or less I see him as the hub of our network. Whom we all respect and love. A leader who does not take leadership but is recognized and respected. He’s given and sacrificed so much of his time and what ever he can, to his friends. Anyone who is a friend of him should be honored that they have him as one. Ah! Mappulee; we all miss him. Though he lives in the extreme end of the nation; we still miss him. I miss him. Funny and nice guy; always entertaining. Always been there for all of us. With the locks you put to the dolphins that you talk about. Never lost your temper; no matter what we did or said. Always understood us. I thank you dude. We all should; for most of us to be like this as team and a network. Well if life was a movie; he is the one who selected most of the cast. Iam! Surely you are. The “guhcha, guhcha” guy. So much can be told about you; but let me make it simple; smart and nice. Funny and crazy. Has a way of always inspiring us, and introduced so many stuff into us; among with the famous word; “guilty” yeah! No other but our little guy; primary0 aka Ashraf. I’ve had a good time with him. We’ve spend countless hours together and everyone was funny and trippy. Keeping aside all the “disappointments”; ah! But that was just one ey! But was a mission which was fun. It was really some of the best times of my life. Crazy days. Late night hacks and staying up experimenting stuff. Surely I will miss them. The sound of the plane that took off and the shock. All that just part of little things; but will be carried a long way. Thanks dude. “kobaa kaley” :P dude; some day I know you’d be one hell of a sys admin. Even now you are. “kiyaa ba kiyaa ba.” Ah yeah mysterious guy ey! Comes and goes like the wind. Last I hear he was rewriting the constitution. Hehehe. Just the joke; also was gonna get married don’t know the update on that now. But one of the best programmers I’ve met. Has a way with problem solving; and one I would recommend to anyone who will ask me about a coder. And yeah! Not to talk about the crazy days in lanka we had. I won’t forget that night at the club. Yeah man! I still have the bill with me! Who else ; faraa our man! The all famous n3m6. kiyaaba kiyaaba. You made your mark and I know many more to come. A guy with a taste and a humor. Lamu where is he? There was this one night; when kidrow (anil) the oil guy! (he sells oil you know; and also burners.. smells good too; shah got one; I got one too; you should too) aham! So back after a commercial break. So he said lamu never laughs! Hahahaha! Man o man! You should have listen to him laugh, and his tone of saying words; cool guy! Dude; enjoy in India and do your best. “eyyyyyyy nugulhaa!”. Senn; ah! He was right next to ashrafs name or before it. But I thought it’s the culture not to mix both to a distance. So here I am; rare guy; but most of what we say and the “taaarmu” thah is from him. Always thought he is funny and a nice cool guy. But I still think you and ashraf should go out for a date and fix things! Aham! I think so; so I say so. But I won’t know ey! It’s baaa! What ever. But what ever it is; he is one smart guy; fast leaner I would say. Did not get much opportunity to work with him; but I like his work. And I know he has got a future ahead of him. Gaanagaa! Yeah the stone taker; what can I say about this guy; just amazing! No one can beat him or compared to him. Unique guy with a unique sense of humor and a talent with words. Nothing would have been same without you man! If you are reading this I know you for sure will have 1000 of comments. I can think and smile! “sentu guy”! I know here can never be anything which will happen to which you will not joke and comment on! And no one can get a lead from a debate with you. No way! I won’t even try! Fucku vane fucku vane! Remember the time when we blocked Unreal to keep Inn out; cos he was so “balaa bodu” the password was “in out!” hehehe! Sorry man! But you are the man! Simply I would say you just beat us all; so we did not want to loose; and kept you out that night. Fucku vaane fucku vaane. I would say he is one of the best web developers I have as a friend. We’ve seen you from the very start to this day. Man you have improved and still is. You’ve improved in so many ways; and that’s something I really admired and noticed. Cool guy; sorry dude; I could not join in all those late nights when you and SK called. But you don’t know how much I appreciate for those calls. One hell of a guy you are too. Creative and talented. Morbid; Inn and morbid; don’t see you both as often as we use to but; I know if anyone knows him better then him then it must be you. You guys make a great team. “ey morbid”! I don’t know much to describe this guy; but when ever I see him; It feels good. A serious guy with a passion. Sigey; another unique guy! The sys admin group. Helpful and with a good taste of music. He’s gone a long way too. Made his mark and worked hard. “haaadha haa”. One thing I should admit is he looks good in shorts. You should consider modeling part time! Just kidding. But I would say he is one guy I love to share my music with. I mean of all of these guys; I think he and I have the most common music taste. Co; cookie not bajaaju ge dhari; but simply cookie. Hmmmm! Now what can I say. The circle will never be complete without your name along with meehun maraa murder. Next word that comes after anime is murder. I can say no one can beat him on that art and not many people can beat him on a PS2 game. I’d bet my money on him, when I make some. One hell of an artist. Music; art and guilt ah! And many more. I still love his ring tone! Always makes me dance!

I thank you all! Now you wonder; why.. no I wonder not you. I know this is last of one of my chapters of life. Soon things will be very different and maybe totally changed. But what ever it comes; I won’t change. Maybe the times may. But I’d miss this one and you all have been a part of it. Thanks guys! A mark in history to look back and smile on.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Cleaning Windows...

I have heard so much about the tech guys and the MCSE guys (windows guys). In order to administrate these amazing OS, seems one has to do this. daaaa? Yeah? I thought so too, but now I wonder. I've met friends and people I know; who have spend months doing it. Getting to know the "thingy" the "cool new Windows". Again! baaaaaaaa! Sure they need to; when this baby cries it sure is a pain in the ass. But to manage and administrate it; well what can I say .. All you need to know is "English" (just enough knowledge to read English). The new Windows 2003 is so damn easy that one who has a bit of knowledge and the brain can pick it up in less then 30 mins. I mean it! I've experienced it. If you can clean a window; you can administrate windows as well. No F***ing BIG Deal! Click Click; Double Click! and yeah, also drag and drop (some times) :P

Monday, February 14, 2005

engineers aim to mend broken hearts

Yeah! it's the 14th of FEB. Googles got flowers on the logo.. guess what MIT main site says; " engineers aim to mend broken hearts". Impressive?!! ? baaaa!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Offline.. And disconnected!

I guess it will take me another week to get back online and stay connected and do my personnel work. Now I am like a dog; running up and down. I miss Slashdot

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Life I miss you. Guilt I miss you too!

It's funny but I can't even think of what to post! Lets see; I got a new mobile line; will be using that mostly during the day.. But I'd still keep the old one.. Until I get a more stable line. hmmm! See now I have even started talking about mobiles! Anyway dudes.. If any one of you wants to reserve any nice numbers or anything; just let me know. :)

Thursday, February 03, 2005

maa ah salaamaa

I've started off with wataniya maldives on the 1st of Feb as the systems administrator. Currently I am the only IT personnel here; which makes life a living hell. I don't like the fact that I have to administrate Windows Desktops and Servers, but I have started to get the hang of it. Damn these Windows! grrrrrrr! Wish me luck.

As for the old job; I miss the team and the place.