Saturday, November 19, 2011


Just saw this from my twitter feed.

NCIT is looking for an OSS consultant or people with the experience. Great move, which I fully support but the pay is like 12k to 15k. What shocks me is the long list of requirements they have put up. You need to be a consultant, developer, a project manager, a trainer and a sys admin. This is a bloody joke.

Seriously how does our government expect to get good people to get things done by paying peanuts? Even the basic rent of an apartment in Male' is 15k.

This is like the initial stages where you need to build a good foundation. The key to the success of such projects is good people. Moving to open source is something that will benefit everyone and I guess should be given high priority. We need people with experience to come in and contribute to these projects. To attract that you can't just offer a 1000 USD! Its lame! F* stupid!

ICT needs to be given more priority in this Maldives; this is almost 2012 and the Maldivian government is still operating in the stone ages when it comes to technology.

A good start will be to replace the leadership of NCIT and the communication ministry! Get proper people in there! The government already got good talent and great people. Someone needs to identify these people and given them the authority to get things done!

Just cos someone carries an iPad around does not mean he is the right person to be given such a responsibility. Honestly whatever said here, I don't have much hopes that there will be any future for IT professionals in Maldives. There is great potential for a new industry too , but again this will never happen! Our leaders don't have such visions and its never possible!