Thursday, June 30, 2005

more BogoMips.. yeah baby! yeah!

here is power...

││ ││Processors: ││ │
││ ││ Active: 6 ││ │
││ ││ Total: 6 ││ │
││ ││Clock Frequency: 1600 MHz ││ │
││ ││Machine Identification: 3255460502 ││ │
││ ││Hardware Model: ia64 hp server rx7620 ││││
││ ││Kernel Width Support: 64 ││││
││ ││CPU Version: Intel(R) Itanium 2 Family Processor ││││
││ ││CPU Model No: 2 ││││
││ ││CPU Revision: 1 ││││

here is what it does...

Load averages: 0.02, 0.01, 0.01
202 processes: 177 sleeping, 24 running, 1 zombie
Cpu states:
0 0.02 0.0% 0.0% 0.4% 99.6% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0%
1 0.02 0.0% 0.0% 4.4% 95.6% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0%
2 0.02 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 100.0% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0%
3 0.03 0.0% 0.0% 2.4% 97.6% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0%
4 0.02 0.0% 0.0% 4.0% 96.0% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0%
5 0.01 0.6% 0.0% 0.0% 99.4% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0%
--- ---- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
avg 0.02 0.2% 0.0% 1.8% 98.0% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0%

Memory: 2785988K (2132148K) real, 3241464K (2398488K) virtual, 111660K free Page# 1/13

5 ? 55 root 152 20 3600K 3200K run 9:53 11.56 11.54 vxfsd
5 ? 7180 oracle 154 20 706M 13376K sleep 0:00 1.43 0.47 oracleWRTXT20
1 pts/te 7177 root 178 20 11008K 1180K run 0:00 0.43 0.18 top
5 ? 37 root 152 20 576K 512K run 0:06 0.18 0.18 schedcpu

.. now multiply that by 3 and ..imagine.. what it can do..

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

FM Loves me :)

Well what can I say? Here is an artical about me on FM. Man oh man I loved it after I read it. Sounded more like I have really pissed some people off well good enough! So why are they pissed here is the explaintion, click here to find out the reason. But this was expected out of them! I knew that even before I did posted the thingy on my blog: here is the quote from my previoud post "I know they will get back at me with all the crap: but before that let me tell them this.. No matter how fucked up I am : I beat that again! So ? And they did not even get a hint! Infect they used this also to mislead people. So I prove my point! Now they can go on..." .. so no suprize guys! after all this is what you guys do, and I have to admit you guys are good at it and getting better! by the way ever considered writting scripts for movies? or stories? I think you will do very well there! hehehe! anyway it was cool! i loved it!

But here it is; the guy claims to be a friend of mine! so why did he not put his name? and why not others friend name? so that people can refer back to me. Here is some help; check with Mr. Hassan Hameed; Umarbe and others who were the Assistant Principles. Now i can publish names; they can't, why? hmmmm!?

So who was my best friend at school? Ah ha! now now he does not know that too.Well let me tell you that too. I use to be in the 1992 batch at school. Hanged out mostly with Abbas (who works at Presidents Office now), Mohamed Ali (who works at Public works now), Mandhoo (who is in US now), PH (who is in dhiraagu now), and a few more guys. They would be able to tell you know addicted I was with drugs! buhahahah! man o man! Ok; I confess I use to smoke when i was back in school. There you go; now what else... girls? ah ha! now you want me to talk abt that! No fucking way! I don't wanna play along now. I am no part of this show; sorry dude.

KD group? Now who are they? and what area I lived in! yeap I was not into sports at all! cos after school ; i spend time in school with my friends; inside the computer lab. Do your home work dude. Now just cos I pissed you off; If i were you I would do my home work well; before I attack! now this guy who cliamed he knows me; daaa! i would give him 20 out of 100. Cos he knows where i am from, and knows that i have a sister and a brother and a mom and a dad. Smart guy ey?

Yeah! he is right I am a hacker? but does he know what a "hacker" means? nop! a hacker is also known as a computer programmer! thats the real term! yeah thats my job and what i do. So? and just cos i defaced and exposed some stuff related to there site does not mean; i what ever? Anyway shows that they are pissed again! and very pissed! but I have to admit again! I love the show.

Me play games? wow! man you suck! I mean not you! thats what i am told by my biddies; i am bad with games. And i never play much computer games! Why? cos i always loose! bad! only game i was into was Unreal; that was like 5 years back! Porn? ah ha! there u got me on that! i had a few shots of that! i have to confess on that! but screen savers? no freaking way! and the computer for my birthday? I wish! I got one; i still will complain about that! nop! I never got one until I was out of school! I only got my first computer when I finished off my O'Levels! So dude; why don't you read these and rewrite the whole thingy again! Maybe people might buy your story then! best of luck next time! And talk about friend? ah! find out! I always get complains from my parents that i always hang out with them! and yeah ; one point you say I am a looser and a lonely guy! next min you say I hang with KD group and do drugs! come on stick to one! Now i am confused too!

Monday, June 20, 2005

THE First Call

Today we made the first VoIP call, that we routed. VoIP has been in use for a while in Maldives, through the net, but this is the first time a call was routed in this fashion as of my knowledge. This is also the first IPCC implementation. The setup was done using cisco equipment.

What? Why? When?

OK! We must have seen this around a bit;with a big "?" So what is it. Now this is my understanding of this "?"

Its really a "?" for the people who put that.. Meanings include: lost, confused, uncertain. I mean why else will someone change over night form the old blue and everything to the "new" red? Now that's really the question! Now in my terms it's called "spoofing"; trying hard to redirect traffic. This might work too; and good if it does; but its a joke too. Where did the creativity go?

If they are so confident and so happy with the brand why dump it like that? A sudden change of color won't change anything, it's more then that! It's way more then that! Maybe they expect others to react to this and change plans?, Nop! beeep! Wrong! I want to shoot a lot here; but for a reason beyond what I can explain, I won't. But it makes things better; this will be again a good show! Why? What? When? Where? Worse?

Sunday, June 19, 2005

The common food list!

I just gave a thought after I ordered a fried tuna noodles. It's a limited choice. Look at the menu; it's always the same stuff. Why? Maybe the reason is this is the stuff people eat. Fried Noodles, Fried Rice, Nasi Goreng, fish and Chips (though its always fries), spaghetti, fresh orange juice, coke, kohtu roshi, there end of the list! Pizza! OK! Why?

blank! boink!

too many menthol cigarettes are no good!

Saturday, June 18, 2005


Fedora Core 4 is out and been a while.. had it downloaded today, will be burn'n CD's of em. So if anyone needs a copy let me know.

It's funny and amazing to know how many people go out on Friday evenings. I mean so many people on the roads. I was spending the day in doors and around 4:30 went out for a pack of Marlboro and was shocked. Where did all these people come from? Why are they hanging around the beach area? 40% of them are most likely not Maldivians. Are we in need of more parks and some means of entertainment to these people? I don't know. Cofe' shops, carnival which is a boring place, what else do we have? for sure kids need space. Now in male' we don't have that. But I really enjoy the morning hours on Fridays; mostly empty roads.

The sunny side of life ; Maldives

The funny side of life ; Male'

Thursday, June 16, 2005

TM and FM : bull shitting again!

And.. Again they put the blame on MDP and Christians.. Why guy? Don't you believe you guys have a crappy and shitty setup and that we maldivians can't do it? So what you guys are saying or assuming is Maldivians are crappy bunch of people who don't know shit? And you call your site "the maldivian"!!! Shame!

This event has got nothing to do with MDP or others; this was just done for fun and to show that some people are out there who don't like what's going on! Even with MDP or the other parties. We don't need this shit!

anyway what you find below and here on just only published for educational purposes ONLY! Lets roll!

First : You find time and a day you have the mood to spend some time off work at your home and with a good connection to the internet!

Second: you get some good tips and information off security sites and your friends; that there are new exploits out.

Third: you find a subject: in this case it was Why? cos it won't do you any harm legally even if anything goes wrong! This site does not belong to the gov or a company. Or a registered organization. Nor any individuals has claimed the owner ship! So Bingo! Plus find a place you don't like!

anyway.. They have php and mysql running. A tip was given by a friend that there is an sql injection exploit, I thought I'll give my luck on it. Been a while since I did not play around on the net. So thought I'd party for a night. So... On the way home; with two of my friends went for a cofe'. Talked about it; and possible ways to exploit it.

Next ; after going home; I had a good look at the site. Exploring it. Found out that it's php and mysql based. Knew that even before.. But also figured out that there must be a control panel for the content management system. So the most logical way is to try your luck first. Did a and also admin.php.. ah ha! Found the panel. Now the password.. No way I can guess the user name and password. At first I thought they are stupid and will use something like admin. But guess I was wrong. Went out and came and had a quick nap.

Woke up.. Got hooked on to the net. Made a cofe' and some music. Looked into the site. When you click on the news links it takes you through the content management system. So there I go. I passed a few parameters and read through the exploits archives. Found out that the "UNION" will be use ful. So gave it a couple of tries. Like end of the URL's added stuff like "UNION%20SELECT%20*%20FROM%20admin%20".. This gave some good tips ..Then I was able to get some errors with the table names.. And here is what become interesting... I found out that dhiyavaru was the name of the db and obviously the admin pass and user names will be in a table called admin. Easy guess.. Now to exploit this. With a couple of tried me and one more friend on line.. I tried this one.."
2%20UNION%20SELECT%20*%20%20FROM%20dhiyavaru.admin "
.. what did I get.. ah ha! you don't need to pay a guy thousands of USD to know these kinds of stuff. Just play around with stuff... And anyone who spends time enough; will get this right! No big deal! No super computers used to crack codes! just simple "maldivians" and so called "fucked up minds".. I know they will get back at me with all the crap: but before that let me tell them this.. No matter how fucked up I am : I beat that again! So ? And they did not even get a hint! Infect they used this also to mislead people. So I prove my point! Now they can go on...

here is what you get...

ok! what you see is the user name and password dumps. First one in bold is the user name ; followed by password. You get two users. First I tried the two bold ones. Thought first one was the user name and second bold was the pass. But my other friend who was on the same job; figured it out first! hehe! Now to get to this point it was like 15 to 30 mins. Considering how lame this site was.

Next what do I get... This...

This is the admin panel... Rest was .. I passed it to other friends who were online.. And they played around with it.. NOP! Did not pay them! hehehe! And they had fun too. Exploring the site and all! Rest was history you got in the site! From that point on I just quit! And yeah! Make sure you are on a proxy all the while.. So they can't trace you. Let them put the blame on MDP and others! Who cares! Its a game! And as for the DO pics and stuff! I guess my friends did a good job pissing guys! And this information was given out right then and there!
All what I have typed here was shared online.. in real time. So it was multiple people who did get in! I don't know who they are just know them through MSN and IRC. :D

Hope that was educative enough to the so called "VERY much Secure web site" and the people who are hired to maintain it. So next time; fix these and go to some classes to learn or read. How? Now you ask!ok let me give you a little tip here! Know abt encryption? What fool will keep the password unencrypted on public DB's?. So how is this done; I think even with php they have MD5 encryption functions as well! So go one and use them! And get the content management thingy up! We don't use the same next time! Besides you are off my list!

here are the bull shit which they have on TM and FM about this event! All false. Now you see and it's proven how much they lie! And talk crap.


Tuesday, June 14, 2005

FM pissed over the deface of TM

What can I say? They are just pissed! What more can I say? :P

just a side note.. The thing is they do not realize they don't have a capable and a good team of people backing them up. As for TM; the guy who made the content management system sucks.. I mean it really SUCKS! Is that the best they can get? And for FM.. hmmm! Now these guys; I feel sorry for them; oh the work .. But end of the day; I hope it's paid for. The cartoonists are good; I have to admit on that hope they are well paid; they should be. If not guys fight for it; I mean it you guys do a good job. But I think they are badly in need to web developers. But who will do it? As of now they don't have anyone.. Hey why not the TM guys lend a hand on this ey. :D NEED HELP? hehehe I know the TM team badly needs help on security and development related help. hahahahah man o man! But I can't wait to see what changes they brought to it. I think they don't have much options. One: get rid of the DB and scripts. Two: close down the site. Three: get HELP!

So; who wants to try their luck on FM? ok? then here is a start <-- this is the adim pannel (login for the web control pannel) of FM
now what? next hmmm! user name it's I think ... daaa factma2 :) and password? ask them! try your luck!

Sunday, June 12, 2005


You don't have permission to access to this document on this server.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

New found love :: Python

Now I know most people will disagree with me; but here goes. I've programmed in a lot of languages; just for the fun of it. But mostly sticked with VB and C. I've always read the ups and downs of scripting languages and the good side of Java. C is still at the top of the line. C# came and C# passed by; still did not hit me. Delphi was cool; but faded off. Dosbe loves Perl but it's as bulky as him; well more then that it's some 1000 pound dinosaur. It's good; get things done fast and easy... But.. There is a lot of butts to it. And smelly ones too. It's good for small scripts to get stuff done easily; and does a pretty good job too. But when you go for bigger applications; ah ah aa! I won't go for it. Only dosbe will understand his codes; no one else will have any idea of what goes on. Meaning it's hard to maintain these Perl stuff, and I won't touch anyone else's bulky Perl stuff. And for you to be a guru in Perl you need to have a good UNIX background. Yeah! Don't fight with me on this. It is true! You wanna fight? Ok! It was initially designed to be a replacement for the old scripting languages and ack and sed. This was designed to do sys admin stuff for sys admins. And now what has been build has been built on top of these. What ever. You got the point? If you did not; don't bother! But I would still say it's a powerful tool.

As for python; yamee! The codes are neat and it's like a sexy snake. Python is good tool to develop GUI based apps and well as console based stuff! Also the portability is damn good. Python is easy to learn and fast to develop application. This I liked about it. And together with the speed. Being usable to newbies is just a small part of python being good. Python allows layers of sophisticated abstractions to be built in concise, understandable ways. In my opinion, this is precisely what I require for "programming in the large": the ability to build layers of abstraction without losing track of the details. Java? Java does that too ey! Yeah true! But java is not open. Java is good; but there is so many down sides to it. I would say like Linux and other good *nix's. We have very good *nix like HP-UX; True64, OpenVMS and Solaris. All really good! But why Linux! I guess the same applies for Python.

I feel Python has a good future and a lot of applications will be ported and developed with python in days to come. Maybe I am trying to convince myself because I have an application to be developed using python; but that was my choice and I am happy that I get to choose it. So to conclude: Python ROX's

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

PH is Free!

Yeah man! He is finally a FREE man. Last night he was out! And we are all very happy! The questions; why he was taken and why all this? Still remains unanswered, and I don't think we will get a straight answer too. But that does not matter much as much as him being free! Guys; pls give this guy a good rest; don't over work him for a while. And for all those who said stuff against him "FUCK YOU ALL", now what have you got to say? "mistake"?? My ass!