Thursday, August 09, 2007

What do we get?

We have been debating and fighting over political issues; like what kinda of system we will have, the injustice, etc. Hardly we talk about the social benefits we the people should have and get. Hardly this question is ever asked by anyone or answered. Mostly its just "Golhaaboa". All focus is given on that word.

I think now it might be the right time for one to question things like social welfare and other related issues. Starting from things like how the state taxes the people, be it a flat tax, regressive tax or a progressive tax system, and should the higher earners be taxed to a greater extent? The amount of taxation is also crucial, as lower tax rates can be more business friendly, generating jobs and reducing unemployment, whereas higher taxes can be used to fund public services, state pensions and unemployment benefits.

Other key issues like how the state implements benefits for the unemployed, pensions, maternity leave and disabilities. Other issues like should services such as health care can be almost entirely state funded at one extreme, private insurance-based on the other, or somewhere in between? Another element can be public transport and education. I guess education is a key element which needs real attention.

One of the great challenges of sustainable development is to combine society's desires for economic prosperity and social security. For decades economists and politicians have debated how to reconcile the undoubted power of markets with the reassuring protections of social insurance. Presently we the Maldivians hardly demand anything from the governments till today social benefits provided by the state is seen something more like "sarukaaruge haasa inaayah" or "raees ge hey yofulhukan". Question is will it remain the same; even after the so called political reforms. What will the people gain after all these flights and struggle? At the end will all the benefits end up in bank accounts of the parliamentarians or the president and a few privileged, like it has been.

I feel these are not questions that should be left out or ignored saying I don't want to be political, etc. These are basic rights of everyone to know about them and to have those rights.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

4th August 2007

My conclusion from the event on 4th August 2007 is simply 'NO hope'. I waited there for long with a friend; after the end of the saga. I talked to a lot of people there; friends and just fellow country men. I realized that only about 5% of the people I talked to cared about what system we will have in Maldives. I feel this is mainly because they do not have the information on the effects such a system will have on them and the future of their children.

Everyone knew the names of the 'Nizaams' (Systems). Most very strongly knew the system they were standing up for. The no.1 reason on both sides was the party which the individual supports; supports a particular system or just standing up against the system which the other party supports. Some has very clearly stated this. I can fully understand their arguments on one aspect but I wonder; if they are really doing the right thing? We can't really blame the individuals on these views. We have not had a very good or any kinda proper political system to date and people are not aware of these or educated on these issues. Every one talks political; go to a caffe or even inside homes; people talk about the injustice, corruptions and other issues; but hardly people talk about what we need as far as a positive change is concerned. The solution I feel is not electing a particular party; or over throwing another. I agree it matters to certain level; but there are other more important priorities first; like implementing a system; which reduces corruption, dictatorship and what will more likely work in Maldives where people will have a better life as humans.

The planned debate ended up in a big drama; after the end there was more drama. Conclusions where being made same old words were being said; people where enjoying the drama. It was a sad thing to see; I felt bad to know that most people did not care at all. Back early 1990's the biggest entertainment was a show held very often in male' called 'galaxy' now the name of the show is changed to 'politics'. Point being for most this is just a pass time and a matter of entertainment for the rest its about power and 'my group'.

To conclude; I simply felt there is no good future politically for Maldives in a near future. Things will remain very much the same or will get worse; I know most will stand up against me on this statement but this is my view. My biggest fear is the 2008 elections; I don't want to see blood shed or a civil flights. It will be our brothers and sisters who will loose I know some are looking forward to this drama; but I don't support it. I am totally against this, but I know this might be inevitable.

Friday, August 03, 2007

First the people, then Maumoon. Please!

We all know that MDP has been having a major fight against Maumoon since it was formed. This has lead to some very good reforms. I use to think the flight was for the people. The talks was so; and some of the action too. We all have to admit the fact that the change we see today; should mostly be credited to MDP and the individuals who supported this change.

Today; I am very disappointed on MDP. For the current referendum where we get the chance to decide which system is best; it looks like MDP is not putting its priorities for what is best for people. Rather it seems MDP is trying to test its popularity among the people by supporting against Maumoon. Not considering what is right and wrong. I feel this should not be the case. The people are mislead now, by the actions of MDP. Most of us has trusted MDP for this change and will continue to, but when they are wrong it is also our responsibility to voice out our concerns. It should not be 'eylhi haa batha kah riha' be it Maumoon or even MDP.

MDP has voiced comments like "because Gayoom is supporting Presidential System"; when asked why they are supporting a parliamentarian system. I feel this should not be the reason. Also there is comments by some of MDP supporters like "if qayoom and his supporters loose it shows that MDP is stronger than all 3 parties put together..". This is not an election, its a vote we decide on the system we will be adopting. I think the vote for who will get be the president or for the parliament is yet to come , but this is not that time now. Other such comments by supporters been things like "THIS REFERENDUM is the only FORECAST for us on the 2008 elections. if we want this dictator to be overthrown we need to make sure that the barulamaanee (MDP) wins."

So I guess we need to understand that this is not the time for elections or a test vote. This is more serious then that; and more important. The leaders will fall; the people will die off soon, but the system that we decide on is highly like to stay for a long time. So which is most important; fight against Maumoon or to support which is good for the future of the people? Is it your own personal choice; mine is very clear, in this vote; I will stand up for which system is best for the people of the Maldives, regardless of what system Maumoon or MDP supports. This is not about them at all.