Wednesday, August 31, 2005

/configure && make && make install

The GNU guys have come up with a new easier method than going through a whole bunch of directories and a whole bunch of vi editing before you compile from source. Now we have mostly been used to the autogen, configure , make and make install. Well bad news is this might soon be history and you will miss it. Though its gonna be around; like when the new GUI's and gui based tools came in for *nix; most newbies use em. Same is gonna go for this as well.

Anyway the new project is called GNU Source Installer. Might be interesting to check it out. Guess soon with all the disto'sthis will be bundled.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


I have been really pissed off trying to explain things to people who claim to be technical but think in terms of a system user. Most systems example telecom equipment now 80% or more just IT stuff. Servers swiches and software plus the radios. The back end is just routing, applications and databases.

Most of the people who maintain them; are "telecom engineers". daa!?! That's what they claim to be. They give names to services like ABCD or XYZ which when you simply break down is a router or simply a web server or a service. When you tell them or request for a change on the system: simple answer is "NO!". Why cos it's not in the specification or they don't know if its possible. And then you tell them that this can be possible; they don't like it. Or simply you are just another crazy "IT" guys. What will you know about telecom stuff. Yeah true to some level. But we do know a bit about routing and databases. It's not magic!

Monday, August 29, 2005

Coffee A Health Drink?

Today on Slashdot they have a post saying coffee a health drink? this sounded interesting to me, for obvious reasons. Here is the link to the real article.

What ever it is; true or false.. Coffee has become a health drink; mentally. Its good to have a coffee with a cigarette and maybe some friends. After a long days work; or during breaks. Kinda freshens you up. Besides what else do we have in male'. Maybe it's one of the few ways or the only way to socialize.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Desktops and *nix

Been a while since I played with my Desktop. I've been having using GNOME for long now. Enlightenment is still something that I fancy and love; but GNOME is stable and cool. Simple too. Though I know a lot of you will say KDE is better; but this is an endless war. As for Window Managers I guess it depends on what you are looking for and what you are comfortable with. KDE is good; speed wise I guess it's faster then GNOME and QT library has improved over the years.

I've tested t E17 the new DR17; as always it's fun and fancy. My first experience with E was back in 1997 since then E has come a long way.

my current desktop on GNOME (yeah i fancy OSX themes)

old enlightenment screen shot: (This was what I fell for, this is how it looked back in 1997)

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Man's best friend : A MACHINE!

Guess today was one of those days; when you wake up and feel: "damn it's good to be alive"!. Kinda getting into the bad habit of waking up early and sleeping early. For me this is not good; but I guess I am in the ring now. I know my parents will be happy; and it's the so called "the harudhanaa" way of life: part of it. I don't know how many rules are in it. Anyway I need to start something; now it's just work; eat and sleep. But today just as I walked out of my door; I realized something. Funny feeling; but something was missing for long. My PC. After the tsunami, I have not fixed it; and my monitor, I don't even know where it is.

I did not have the need for one at home for long. Mostly I am not even home. I've got a notebook which belong to the company I work for; but it's different. To have your own system is something else. I can crash it any time I want. Install anything I want. Do my own work. Now I can't do all that.

So I've decided to fix the old machine; buy one more and also get a mac. I've got something in mind that I wanna try out. Since now I have time for extra things, I guess getting back to developing stupid tools and toys will be far better then sleeping.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


"The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48"

Terrorism Ter"ror*ism, n. Cf. F. terrorisme.
1. The act of terrorizing, or state of being terrorized; a
mode of government by terror or intimidation. --Jefferson.
1913 Webster

2. The practise of coercing governments to accede to
political demands by committing violence on civilian
targets; any similar use of violence to achieve goals.

So now we know the meaning! So what is it call when the state terrorizes the people? "Sulhamaslahah dhemeheh tun"? But a cool term anyway! And we know it can be used and comes in use often! Way to go who ever invented it. This same word is used by the USA/Israel to invade and kill people. Guess some people learned from them. Now now I did not say that; I heard on TVM in "hey yaanboa" or some program. They said so; not me! :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


TCon 01 is going to be the first TCon event planned. The event is planned to be held on 19 September 2005.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

[root@maldives ~]$ rm -rf history

If you look at a maldives in a point of view of unix box and you are the root. For years this has been the story; as long as you are root and just before you logout; on every major event that you don’t like issue the command : rm -rf history. Some admins have also edited these files. vi would have been the choice of tool.

Looking back in time; from the time of “Rahnamaari” to the “Madhumeeskolu” days. It’s the same old story. For all these sessions and events; logs has been altered or deleted. Even events of last week. Ever wonder why we don’t have a proper written history of our country? or some pages are missing from the books? I guess we know the answers, and also know the gang of people to blame! This has been the case for thousands of years. I remember the event of 1988 November 3rd; A lot of us will remember this day... but ask around or refer to the official writings? daaa? what the? It will sound more like a “Rambo” series movie.

So the good news is “history can be rewritten”?

Monday, August 15, 2005


"See right through the red, white and blue disguise
With lecture, I puncture the structure of lies
Installed in our minds and attepting
To hold us back" -Rage Against the Machine-

After a year again; the same old day. Maybe not the same way; but more or less the same message. Also the same gang of people; the public; the army; the police; the mob force (lead by a long hair guy and a comedian); and the media. The game goes on, but the same game, nothing changed! Plant some people; blame the innocents, bleed the poor. Who is to blame? MDP? Maumoon? Us the public? NSS? Police? Or Yoosey and gang?

Biggest Question? Who is suffering and have been suffering? Some people get the best of everything; where else still people are homeless after tsunami and so many people get less then 2USD per day, in a county where average rent of a one room apartment is 400 USD. Still people can buy drugs like they can buy bread or even easy. .. I can't say more... Only reminds me of a song which goes like.. "What else can I write, I don't have the right"? Yeah! I am pissed and angry the way things are. And I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE!

Some men you just can't reach...

Look at the shoes your filling
Look at the blood we're spilling
Look at the world we're killing
The way we've always done before
Look in the doubt we've wallowed
Look at the leaders we've followed
Look at the lies we've swallowed
And I don't want to hear no more

This is an early 90's song; "Civil War" from G N' R. It starts off with these words from the film Hand Luke.

"What we've got here is failure to
Some men you just can't reach...
So, you get what we had here last week,
which is the way he wants it!
Well, he gets it!
N' I don't like it any more than you men."

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Another tech team coffee meeting

After a long long time; I met up with the old gang. On my way to work met up with some of the old buddies, went for a coffee' to nasanduraa. Gaanagaa will have the pic's. If anyone needs pic's please contact him. Things discussed among other things are world domination and how to create WMD's. Also how to sell an island from Maldives to some stupid rich party and get away with it. This coffee meeting lasted for about 20 min's. I hope this is news to some people. I bet it is!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Trouble in paradise

Most any place can seem to be a paradise
While you embrace, just the one that you adore
There needn't be an apple tree with magic powers
You need no garden filled with flowers
To taste the thrill of sweet greed hours
Gentle perfume and cushions that are silk and soft
Two in the gloom that is silent but for sighs
That's paradise while arms entwine and lips are kissing
But if there's something missing, that signifies
Trouble in paradise

-Trouble in Paradise (1932)-

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Oh! No! More trouble! Bloggers! BAN!

This guys Ashraf (primary0) the GPS guy, is crazy. The "all know" fm, guys got pissed with him and did an article; which by mistake they had a link to this blog and now on it he has this post. Which is really a good move; I would say. :). Nothing political at all. We an't really political. If you go through our blogs you'd see that. MOSTLY we only mind our own business and just have fun. What's wrong with enjoying life and expressing ones own thoughts. Anyway there has been a lot of hits to his blog and a lot of people will get inspired; I sure do. Now damn it! He is promoting blogg'n. Oh! Oh! I think this is not a good move for "some" people. They already hate people like us. More people to write articles about are on the way. This is no good; no good! First it was MC, then MDP, then DO and other orgs followed; now bloggers! Man! Give these guys a break! They already pay people to counter attack and write and design. Don't over work these guys, please I beg you; they are humans too and ABOVE ALL, SOME OF THEM ARE OUR GOOD FRIENDS TOO. We love them as well; though they are doing their jobs; we still consider them friends and have no hard feelings. An't we good? :P Anyway here I would like to express and point out that who ever or the team who is doing the cartoons at FM, is good. I like it always. Always makes me smile and have a good laugh. I am happy to see at least some good and creative work from people. I am sure there are others who also feel the same and would like to say "keep up the work guys". But also another word of advise don't use those links.Not a very good idea; especially when Ashraf is the guy who is maintaining that link?; and you write about him! daaa! And yeah they said he had a police record; hmmm! Of setting up the internet link? One thing these guys are pissed about is they don't have a choice. Even if they look at Dhiraagu or ROL, its the same gang of friends. These guys keep you online and make it possible for you to READ this, and That CRAP too. Appreciate them or not. OR get pissed or not! Now that's a FACT of Maldives. And you can't change it. No matter how pissed you are! AH! ah! For the time it's that way. So go on write more! Nothing will change. What ever you say; drunk; steeling GPS; fucking around girls; playing games; what ever. Still they do it, NOT you. So you wanna take over? Can you? NO fucking way. Read this and get pissed more. I mean what ever they said about Ashraf; the way I see it; he is one guy who is contributing to this nation; in developing it on this area of interest and he is good at what he does; one talented guy! Not just another "writer" or a guy in BLUE. When it comes to setting up links that connect us to the rest of the world; or securing your networks. It is these guys who do it, at this age of "Information technology". So what more can you say; useless guys! Yeah you say that too to the medium they run; on the net; cos of who? Just cos of them! I hope you got my point? I know only a few guys will appreciate this; but that how it is dudes. No matter how pissed you are. You spend thousand of dollars on developing people for these jobs; but so sad; the useless "partey's" are running the show and know how to run the show. Sad. Accept it. "Aliens has taken Over", wired and wireless! Anyway "gas", "gas", "gas".. and yeah "WE KNOW!" (you know we know who you are; but you like to think we don't know; ok hmmm! we don't. happy? "it's simply not true dhoa?") and one thing have guts! what ever we write we are writing under our own names and on our blogs; not some xyz name on FM and TM or DO. If it's your personnel concern or wanna express; do it; like a man! I know someone will get pissed after reading this; and he knows who i am refering to, and i know soon he will hit back. I know that; i know how they move and what moves they will make. Same pattern always. Funny part is: When they know I know em'; and all that; they still do it; and pretend that I won't know. Whats your problem? "Jealous?" about what? I don't see a reason why you should be? Why be of a low life like me? I did not claim a party or want to be the prezident of this nation; or want to make a political party; or have my name registered under any? or should i walk into your office and sign up? OK! I'd do it next time I am in male' and will get my card? Happy now? party wize I am still "husaribai". :) And one more thing! When this country needs something to be done in our field it's us (the MLUG and the gang) who has steped in and done not the FM and DO and TM. Worst of times we were the guys who came in and offered to contribute FREE! one example is ! Did anyone know! or thanked! or claimed! No! So don't give your crap to us! You can only talk and write and carry news to the big guys! can't do real work! face it! "Thari jaja haa thibey; we don't care!" it's good when you get promoted! it benifits us too; we at least get more coffee from you. :) and yeah! next time you write about me; please; please put a link to my blog! :P need the URL? hahahaha or should I SMS that? This is fun!