Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The art of saying 'yes sir' and 'sorry sir'

I guess I have already posted about saying 'NO'. This time this is another experience. It is also very smart to say 'yes sir' and 'sorry sir' to your boss, as often as you can. This will keep you out of trouble and will make you successful. Never say 'no' to a boss, who does not like to hear the words 'no' and 'why'. Always and always say 'yes' and 'sorry'. Easy way out too. Just ignore the rest. Do what you have to do. There is no way you will win in some wars, or fights. It is even stupid to confront. Just give them what they would like to hear, and just walk out. Doing things how you want to do is a different story.

Need a change!

I guess I have had enough of something. I really need a change and some good stuff to work on. Its very frustrating when you feel different and have conflicting ideas then the rest. To watch and wait when things are done wrong and time is wasted. You wanna shout out loud but at the same time, you know its best NOT to say anything. Anyway end of the day, its not your business, so what the f**k? But for some reason it matters and its frustrating.

So the solution. I guess its to get out as soon as you can, before you start to have nightmares every night and it starts to effect you. Change is the answer. Be is for the best or worst. Who cares.

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Some people talk big. Hide behind crowds and shout. Use anonymous names and publish web sites and articles. We have seen all this. Hardly you will find people who will come up with their names and say stuff out. Maybe they are scared, and they have good reasons. Why? cos if you do, there will be a team of people who will attack you back. Anyway this is not new at all. For the past few years we have been witnessing this show for a while.

now the country is divided into two or three, politically. Some choose one party , since they hate some individuals or had enough of someone. For others they choose a party since they think its the best choice for the nation. There are also people who choose a party cos that is their life line. If you go against a party or choose not to support them, then you won't have a car to ride or the rest of the luxuries they have been so used to. For others its an opportunity to go to these heights. There is also people who choose a party cos of religious reasons. What ever it is, truth is its all divided. Does not matter for what reason you choose a certain party. Its our freedom to choose and decide. No one can force it on us or we should be picked upon for it.

right now the issues is what system we should select. Do we go with the presidential system or the parliamentary system. My view is and I support the presidential system. Why? I feel that is the best system for us right now. Just cos its been practiced in UK or else where does not mean we should go with that. When we select or vote it should be decided on what is best for our country and our children for the future. Now is not the time to fight or try to see which party is best, or who will win or loose. Its a matter of what is right and good. Its not about being political but about deciding our future. When you make a choice or stand up for what you think is right, does not mean you are being political. Anyway, no need to drag that talk.

idhikeeli is a blog run by a few individuals, who are just like you and me and most of us. They don't have a party to defend, or get paid by some people for what they write. Even they are not trying to over throw some other party, or defend their regime. I got a call today from a friend of mine, he called to let me know that he has emailed me the URL of the blog. I thought I could help him/them/us to spread the words. So if you get time too its worth a visit. Now I know we all have different views, I am just standing by mine. At the same time I guess we should fully respect others views as well.

the URL of the blog is http://idhikeeli.blogspot.com/

Thursday, August 24, 2006

To: Span King(s)

Its not new that we get SPAM from the internet. Old story, but recently the SPAM is not from outside, but from inside. I have been getting junk SPAM on my inbox from the internal office server. Seems there is a big cult of people who love to SPAM. Please, please take me off this list. aaaaaaar! Vampire the Spammer!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

މެހިމާލެ or ހުޅުމާލެ

.ވެދުންސަލާމައްފަހު ލިޔަމެވެ .
ކަމާބެހޭފަރާތަކުން އެއީކޮންމެ ފަރާތަކައްވީނަމަވެސް މިމެހިތަކުގެ ބަލާއިން ސަލާމަތް ވާނެގޮތެއް ހަދާދީބަލާށެވެ

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What's that on top?

Ok, a few times I have been asked this question. What's on top of my blog on the banner. So here it is. Its just some thing I have had for two years or more. Its got some good memories of good times.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Been killing time on http://www.mvhackers.org/ last two days. Me and two of my friends from work, have been working on the challenges on the site. It was a good time kill. I think its kinda very educative too, once you complete a challenge. Maybe a little kiddy for most people, but hey its a game. I guess I am done with the site, but would like to thank the guys who did it. Nice work.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Person A , slaps hard on Person B's face
Person A: how did that feel?
Person B: it was ok
Person A: will you dance to my drums?
Person B: why, yes sir, sure sir.
Now that's what I call dedication and motivation.

Monday, August 07, 2006

USA and world domination!

We are living in a time where after the world war II, the USA has been trying to take over the world. The US uses lame excuses to invade nations and kill innocent people (all acts of self defense). If another nation does anything in self defense its is always considered to be acts of terror. The exception being that nation is a nation like Israel. This has been going on ever since US has come to power. Any voice who stands up against them is always considered to be terrorists. This has lead the world to what it is now. All thanks to the US. I need not go into any details. Guess this has been kinda same through out the history. From the Roman days to the British and German. Now the Americans.

I guess its time for the Americans to think and re think. If they continue like this, it is them who might have to suffer all the losses. No matter how much they try simple things just might lead them to destruction. My fear is them dragging the rest of the world too to this hell. War is not the answer. Killing people is not the answer. How can they declare them as right, after killing innocent children. There is no way anyone can be innocent after killing innocent people for what ever the cause is. What is happening to the Arab world is partly there own fault too. We can't only blame the Israel and USA for what is going on in the middle east. If the Arabs where united and talked the same language and did not back stab each other this day would not have come.

My guess is one reason this war is being dragged is the USA is looking for a way to get Iran involved in the war. If they do, then this will take the war to the next level. First the USA invaded Iraq with "lame" and stupid excuses. Now its Iran's time. It was not long back, when the US invaded Iraq saying they had WMD's and were a threat to the USA. This was on CNN and every where. This is what "G W Bush" SAID. When they could not find anything even close, the story line changed. It was liberation of the the Iraqi people. hmmmm! Nice joke. So this is how the world is run today. We just have to live with this and wait. Lets see where this leads us.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Finance and human resources

Combination of finance and human resources is the worst thing possible that a company can have. Finance department is always into cost cutting and against most developments where they don't see any financial benefit (mostly). HR should be neutral and should manage the staff in all aspects, including making sure the development of staff and benefits, etc. So you can imagine what will be the result if both of these comes under one person or department. Result is most likely that you will have a lot of de motivated staff. Further more, you can forget about anything good to happen to you; if you even talk about this or point things. Consider your self getting a promotion to the cleaning department. :P