Friday, May 22, 2009

Maumoon and the lust for power!

1978 to 2008. 30 bloody long years we had. What is the result ? Living expenses sky high (No it did not happen after Nov 08). We slave all day and end of the month all the hard earned money is given to some people, if you won't call this slavery what else do you call this?. Who engineered this business model for the benefit of a few and survival of the elite? Any Tom Dick can tell you no one else is to be given credit for this except for Maumoon. Yes, this guy fucked us for almost 30 years and still does not want to give up.

If anyone is to blame and to be held responsible it's no one but Maumoon. A few may forget or many, I won't and will not forgive. There is no f*cking way I am accepting him back in. Only over my dead body.

They come and tell you what improved, what changed. Yeah! we today cry for the change and even fight to improve things why?. Did you guys ever wonder the reason for that?. That is today we have hope we want to fix things and have a better life. We did not shout out like this and ever had the expectations like this, when the dictator ruled over us. Today we do. Yes! we are not happy today. We are not happy cos this is not what we deserve to have, we could have a far better life and should not be suffering like this.

As humans we always have expectations, high hopes. After Mumoon this have reached to a very high level. We try to give opinions and have expectations. Which we did not from Maumoon. Which we would never have had from Maumoon. So friends when I complain and say I am not happy. I am right, but that does not mean I am telling I need Maumoon back. The day he comes in, that hope will die and I will never complain.

You show me Male' and tell me this is great. This is what Maumoon gave us. I tell you FUCK you. This is HELL!. So don't try to play your mind games on me you dick heads. Go plan how to rule over us and how to suck on the peoples blood like you have been for the past 30 years. That's all you can think of and are good at. Don't talk of democracy and a better future, does not sound good when it comes from you.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Musical Chair(s)

We finally are done with the elections. This is the second Majlis elections since I started this blog. Nop! I did not vote! I have my reasons and I need not explain. Yes it's my right to vote and NOT to vote too.

Before the last presidential elections we had the elections for which type of governance system we need. That was done, so was the presidential elections. With every elections we had hopes, we here I mean the people. I feel there is a difference between the normal poor citizens and the politicians. However today everyone seems to be a politician too. The results mean different things to these two category of humans.

We voted to over throw the dictator who ruled over us for 30 years. Today it seems the people who won the majority of seats (in this Majlis elections) want to get back the dictator in the palace/office/power. So it's an endless struggle for power in this rat race.

All the recent votes is all focused on ONE MAN! Mr. Maumoon Abdul Gayoom! It was either to throw him out / to get him back in or to keep in out! Where do we come in? When will a government/vote focus on us? When this guy dies? If so I sure hope this happens soon (Sorry but I have no choice, but to wish for that for the benefit of most of us)

I don't understand a lot about politics. I admit to that. Some times I am right and often I am proved wrong. Like now I don't get why the present government says Mr. Maumoon and his cronies have ripped off our nation and are the grass root behind all the bad (namely Drugs, killings, etc). If they can claim this, I feel they should go and arrest these guys and bring them to justice without any delay. That is the responsibility of the government and such people cannot be let loose. So why are they free?. Not enough evidence? If so that mean they did not do anything bad. So it's ok even if they get elected and come back to power? Logically YES! Since they did not do anything bad, why should we oppose them?.

This whole thing again is like the musical chair which we use to play. Only difference is Maumoon and his cronies are the chairs. We run around them. We take chair by chair, still one chair remains till the end game. This whole political thing won't be complete without Maumoon now. That's what I feel. The ruling party came to power not by the great 5 promises they made but by showing this man Maumoon to the people. For the last few years all what we heard was "Golhaaboa faibaa" Not the 5 promises and the flower of hope! We actually voted to get rid of this man! That's the reality that's the truth! But did we get rid of him? NO! Will we get rid of him? I don't know!

I don't care who rules over us, as long as we get a better life and we don't have to suffer like we do today. Yes! we suffer and anyone who tell me we are ok and doing fine! FUCK YOU! in caps! We are not. I can blame Maumoon for that, cos this did not fall on us over night. This came down to us in his regime and still we are struggling. I hope the existing government is trying it's best to fix this shit and give us a better tomorrow. However I don't yet see anything materializing and I see the biggest obstacle to be this political fights over power! Someone/some people need to end this and bring a solution to this curse. Please!