Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year

2009 is almost gone. Hardly blogged in 09 compared to the last few years. Reasons are plenty, been busy for the most part of the year. Year started off with an exciting project with a great team, by October project was completed. It was a good experience and was a pleasure working with the team I had. November I left Maldives and have moved to Malaysia with a new company.

The future looks exciting. I am happy to get back to developing software and back to studies. Leaving Male'/Maldives was not hard except for one or two factors, which I soon hope to resolve. I am not from Male', and it practically makes no difference for me living here; infect cost of living is much cheaper here. There are better opportunities and less headache/frustrations. I am not a politician or own a resort, so no future for me in Maldives. :P

This year also came with loss of close people. I will miss them always.

Anyway wish everyone a happy new year 2010.