Monday, July 30, 2007

MDP singing a new song now

Since the start of the current political reform process, MDP has been advocating towards a presidential system in Maldives. Clearly shouting out for separation of powers in the country. Now the song has changed. Why? I think MDP should be very clear why they took this stand. So in future any thing that MDP stands up for might change for the "benefit of the party"? These are all questions that should be answered without excuses.

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MDP is willing to accept the reform package proposed by President Gayoom in June 2004 provided that it includes a clear set of outcomes with a mutually agreed timetable.

MDP requests the government to open multi party talks on the reform package and to follow an inclusive process for further developing the reform agenda. We expect such an agenda to include critical milestones such as creation of an independent media, an independent election commission, a revision of electoral laws, constitutional amendments on multi party system and separation of powers, and a provision for early elections. All these reforms must conform to internationally acceptable standards and should not be subject to arbitrary executive interpretations.

Constitutional reform must result in the separation of powers, especially clear separation of the Judiciary from the Executive. Similarly, judicial and penal system reforms are urgently needed to conform to the Constitution and international practice.

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All of the above links states clearly that MDP took a stand for separtion of powers in Maldives.

Friday, July 27, 2007

I Vote for Separation of Powers.

A lot of hype and debates recently on what system we should vote for. As far as I am concerned I will vote for a system which will have separation of powers; as in a presidential system. I would not want one party to dominate almost everything about the system. I would not want to place cabinet ministers in the parliament. I would want to be able to vote for the leader of the nation and I would want that leader to have 2 terms of 4 years or just one term of 5 years. I want a system where the minority party has a say in the governance and legislation. I want a system where the people as a nation has the power to choose; not the people of a particular party only.

And I strongly don't want to go for a system blindly; just cos some people tell me this is the only way to get rid of a dictator. I feel this is not about choosing a leader its about a choice we make about the future of our nation. Its not about a personnel flight that the parties been having for the last two or three years. Its about making a choice; which will be the best system for Maldives; not UK , India or Japan. We are talking about Maldives here and its future. Its not an election where we get to choose who gets to lead. If thats the impression some are having; I ask and request them to wake up. This is about selecting a system. So choose after thinking and researching. Choose what you feel is best for you. Not because I or DRP or MDP says so. You make your choice. That is your right. Don't let others influence you because they have other objectives to achieve.

As a moral and social obligation the parties must educate the people on the systems. Which has not happened. Mostly what we have seen so far; was just parties trying to promote which systems they want to go for. Never educating the people of the advantages and disadvantages of both the systems. Its sad to know the people we trusted and thought were the heroes of our nation has turned out to be just immoral 'business men' only.

If you still need further readings below are some links that might help.


Governing Systems and Executive-Legislative Relations(Presidential, Parliamentary and Hybrid Systems)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Last days of the Old Republic

Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith, helped the Emperor hunt down and exterminate the Jedi Knights during the last days of the Old Republic and the opening moments of the Empire. Later, he was sent to help Governor Tarkin develop the original Death Star battle station. Once the Rebellion demonstrated that it posed a significant threat to the New Order, Lord Vader was put in charge of the Imperial fleet assigned to find and destroy the Alliance leaders.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Neo is the one: the first freed phone.

Since early this year I have been waiting for openmoko, the first world open source phone. Its out and looks promising. I guess its not the ideal phone for most average users, but I guess this is what I would go for. Maybe the iphone is nice to have, but lets see.