Wednesday, June 27, 2007


... and there was... he/she .. always was, is, will be.. ok. then comes haven, maybe angels, satan, then adam and eve. then the apple tree. don't know when earth was created, before or after those events? ... anyway banished to earth.. then religion, then more conflicting religion, then flights, killing more killing and flights.. then the end? ok not the end in real... finally haven or hell (when was it created, no idea of time lines). based on the selection and luck and some other factors we daa, end up in haven or hell.. or .. or hell, then haven.. then.. back to there was... is, and will be.. its as simple as that, so which part is confusing ?

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Good artists create... Great artists steal.

"Well, Steve, I think there's more than one way of looking at it. I think it's more like we both had this rich neighbor named Xerox and I broke into his house to steal the TV set and found out that you had already stolen it." -- by Bill Gates.

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Movie titled pirates of the silicon valley

Saturday, June 23, 2007


3.141592653589793 is close to pi


No log, but I just realized that my CD also spins like the rest of the world.

Friday, June 22, 2007

The Sea

Captain's Log, Stardate 23847.7232. "You see the sea, to see the sea, but all you see is the sea". End Log.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

His Noodliness

Captain's Log, Stardate 2020.0139. Same day, while cruising through the vast empty space. I had encounters with the his noodly appendage (also known as the Flying Spaghetti Monster!) and has been touched by his noodliness. Now I am a Pastafarian. End Log.


Captain's Log, Stardate 2020.0139. I just realized that it does not rain in space. End Log.


Captain's Log, Stardate 0101.0240. There is nothing more exciting (maybe its Basanti) then watching sholay on the viewscreen for i am as old as sholey. End Log.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Black Box

Captain's Log, Stardate 0904.0106. New black box just arrived on dock. Setting shields up, red alert. Course 399 mark 4 warp 9. End Log.

Friday, June 15, 2007


Captain's Log, Stardate 1255.112. Today i woke up and found myself in a bed. End log.


Captain's Log, Stardate 5201.534. it has been 800 years and I am now master of this vessel.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

OS cocktail

Lately since I moved from IT, I've been on Windows as I do no longer need to do any direct development work or alike. Presently my main job is to research on mobile services and products, design and implement them (along with the technical teams, but no technical work on my side). More or less its project management kinda work, so Windows is the obvious choice plus its company policy that all be under the Windows domain and I should not be an exception.

After almost 4 months of Windows at work experience, here is what I have to say. Nothing like MS Word, Excel and Visio. I guess this is the reason why Microsoft is still making money. Its not the OS. Never try anything (software) you do not trust. Just keep the usual stuff in your machine. With Windows you should always know that you are on Windows and at any time, anything can go wrong. Save and backup work as often as you can. This has helped me to keep away from problems and get the job done.

Anyway being a unix guy still inside forced to use Windows. So some how, secretly I managed to get Cygwin installed on my machine. Having it installed makes you always feel at home, you have all the usual unix tools available on Windows. If you are a developer, I guess Cygwin is the ideal tool. Its a good experience now, Mac OS and Linux at home, and Windows at work. Each fits in where it should.

Friday, June 08, 2007

digg or reddit

Not long ago, digg came in; before that slashdot dominated the geek news arena. I guess might not be too long before even that might change. I feel reddit is better now, its more up to date. Digg also is lately under allegations that the editors influence the stories. This is seen to be true to a certain level, but still the popularity of digg remains the same.