Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Vote Market

No matter how many statements or interviews are given, we cannot disagree to the fact that presently there exists a vote market in Maldives. Trading have started and I am not sure about the current market value. I have been told by many that "Business is good". Many are involved in the trade, many making investments too.

No matter how clean you would want to make it; it simply won't. The reality is politics is dirty and money is part of it. Who wins at the end of the day is totally a different story.

Should we stand up against this? if so against who?. The buyer or the seller?. There is no way to stop this. There can be many methods involved, direct money is one of them. Asking for returns on what people did for others is another (by financial means and others), etc.

There is nothing wrong with it; logically you are selling your votes anyway. To whom ever you feel will give you the best deal. Maybe someone who would give you and your kids a better future, security, etc. As a candidate you need to "buy"/win the trust of the people. Maybe this is the right approach but how many Maldivians will consider those factors?. I am not sure, I have no answer.

Only thing I know is that the biggest benefit out of such a democratic system goes to the business community. To narrow it down; to the Maldivian business companies and individuals who are backing the candidates. Some may want to strongly come out and justify this; but I don't care. My view is simple. We don't have many candidates out there who can "fix" even 20% of the wrong and suffering here. Everyone (most) have some "hope(s)" alone.

I too like many, would also have to conclude with the common and general statement which is "Insha Allah, Insha Allah"...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Change we need?

This might very possibly be the kind of "change" we might be getting if we decide on the wrong person.

Source: digg.com

Sunday, September 21, 2008


I can't think of any other title. Back in 2005 I posted this (website of the year 2004) . Since then we come a long way. A lot have changed and so much that most of us even have forgot the recent history. Basic ideologies, theories and ethics have been redefined. All in the name of "Change".

Today officially the website which have played a major role in the "Change" process is also changed. Maybe it's not a change for some; for others it is. I don't know where to place my view. I would say it does not matter. Sappe' always was close to Mr. Gasim and it's no surprise to me. For people who are against the idea; I would say why are you so disappointed?. Anyway today some people refuse to believe that Internet played a major role in this reform process but I strongly stand against that statement. I like to believe that all this started off from the Internet. Sappe' of DO had his contribution too. That needs to be acknowledged. His choice is his freedom, we should respect that regardless of our own belief and views. Maybe I never fully agreed with the method of name calling and all the cartoons but guess that did work for the people of Maldives. There was some entertainment, jokes, news, etc. I know a few people who only went on the Internet just to read DO. Many other web sites followed DO to counter attack DO, which proved that DO did have an impact. Anyway I guess we are almost at the end of that stage of media. Things have evolved a bit, more blogs are up. People expressing the individual views, etc. I guess this is a better direction then with anonymous names.

Sappe' has officially published a press release endorsing Gasim Ibrahim.

Another movement has started off in the name of New Dhivehi Observer. (the yellow color bar at the top says to me it's backed by MDP supporters)

Now it's more like the kids have grown and the business is split.

However I like to believe that popularity of these kind of web sites will fade in a few months and new media will take over. Introduction of new TV, Radio and Newspapers have certainly started to change things. I guess it's time to thank the people on all sides (gov and opposition) for the time, entertainment and wish them luck. Though this is not the end of political news on the Internet I guess the days of DO and alike are over. Thank you.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

iPhone or Android?

I guess this will be a choice we have to make soon. With Google leading the Android platform, Google has teamed up with 34 companies (including Motorola, HTC, T-Mobile and chipmaker Qualcomm) under what’s been dubbed the Open Handset Alliance to manufacture a number of different phones that will run the Android operating system.

Maybe the Apple iPhone still lacks a lot of "normal mobile phone" features but that did not stop the iPhone. The user interface is one of the plus points of the iPhone, with the new iPhone 3G it's one of the best hand held internet devices. These are somethings that the Android would need to be good at. I guess the biggest advantage for the Android based phones is the openness. The Android software stack is expected to provide handset makers and wireless operators an open platform they can use to develop innovative applications. One other factor will be the looks. Presently the iPhone has just one look, however the Android based phones are expected to have different looks from different vendors.

I personally don't feel that Google will be able to hype the Android platform has much as Apple did with the iPhones. The Android based phones will take time to be accepted in the market and it will speak for itself.

The way I see it end of the day, it's more a competition to the Windows mobiles then the iPhones. So lets see ...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Mr. Experience ?

Lately I have been hearing talks by some people about "experience" on the presidential campaign topic. They say one candidate has got experience which is the key. I say screw them. Now why do I say so? Here is why.

Like many others I think experience is not the keyword here. It's good judgment. What good is experience if you can't make the right choices. Let me be very basic and simple here, lets go way back a few years when the the roads of Male' where being constructed. First they (whoever they/he is) use cement and coral , then that did not work, then the bricks, now back to the tar. So we finally decided that for the new developments like Hulhumale', the tar roads are the best. They (whoever they/he is) finally learned from experience. Good very good. But my question here is did we not have those tar roads in Gan, did we not know of them?. Did we have to waste so much money to come to this point, waste so much resources and time and in the process destroy our environment too?. Was this the right choice? or the right judgment? This is a simple example. (anyway the argument here is not about roads..)

I don't need to debate on this, it's a stupid argument. Furthermore we also don't need someone who takes 30 years to learn and understand us. That's half of one mans life time. That's too long a time to give for a leader for leadership training. We already done that, and the results are obviously not good. We need fresh blood, fresh ideas. We had enough bad experience to know what is right and what is wrong. The experience which these people talk about each and everyone of us had our shares in it for the past 30 years. It's not just "that one man" who got the experience, we the people had the better share of that experience. So "old farts in their late 40's and above" don't talk to us about the experience factor. You guys brought this down on us, and from you we have got enough experience. For 30 years you guys have failed us with your votes and support, now we need a change. We don't need a change from you, we need to change you.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

iPhone 3G speed tests

Below are the average speed test results for a few countries using iPhone 3G (source is http://www.testmyiphone.com)

Finland (355.54 kbps)
France (480.51 kbps)
Great Britain (1072.3 kbps)
Hong Kong (653.97 kbps)
Italy (723.71 kbps)
India (343.25 kbps)
Spain (612.02 kbps)
United States (795.77 kbps)

I tested here in Male' and got the following result..

According to which our current speed is at 704 kbps. Which is in comparison very good.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Presidential Q & A : My views.

This was good. A few years back we would not have thought that we will witness such a day. It was not long back; even if you state the name "Maumoon" (even behind closed doors) you should fear for your life. Days have changed now. Tonight we saw 6 presidential candidates live on TV expressing freely and openly. This is major achievement; however this is result of a lot of sacrifice and hard work of a lot of Maldivians.

Everyone heard the candidates; it's up to us to judge now. It's our own freedom and right to choose. As for me, two of them are already out of my vote. The pick is still not easy. I would short list Ibra, Hassan and Anni. Umar had good policies, however I am not very sure about this and if he can execute. I saw Hassan showed good qualities tonight and proved he can talk and lead. Ibra was strong, as for Anni he was being too poetic and could have done better. I did notice that Anni did not bring himself to display him as the president; but more the image he tried to show was if the MDP candidate got to lead kind of an image. He was very much representing the party; rather them himself. Which I think was good and I appreciated that. Lately people were accusing him of being power hungry, but in his talks he displays that he only represents MDP and working for MDP. I don't know if many will appreciate that.

Gasim was nothing close to anyone. I think if ranked he would win the 6th place but then again his words does not matter to people who have decided to vote for him.

Hassan tried to prove the allegations against him regarding Islam was wrong, by reciting from the holy Quran and quoting from Mohamed (PBH). I guess that worked.

Maumoon tried to bring the point not to point and talk about the last 30 years and think ahead. At the same time he talked about 30 years before stuff. Maumoon's point was when he took office Maldives did not have a proper education, health system, etc. Which will work with some stupid Maldivians. I guess my view on it is, 30 years back what was the population, what was the income we get. Then see what we were provided with. If he was referring to president Nasir, I guess he does not have much to say in that regard. Nasir; laid the foundation for today's economical developments like the airport, tourism, etc. I guess back then Maumoon was not very much in favour of Tourism, but takes credit for the tourism we have today. What we really need to think about is compared to what we get today what benefits did the general population get?. It's nothing close to where we should have been, and where we could be. True there are developments. With time that would have come anyway; but then again the real question should be is this the best we could have had?.

Anyway I guess it was very obvious that difference we saw tonight between Gasim, Maumoon and the rest of the guys. We need to get rid of these old guys and bring new blood and fresh thinking into this nation. If I have a say I would look for Anni and Hassan to team up, this would make them both strong. It's not about who can be the president; it's about 'us' the people and the 'change' we need. They need to stop fighting and set aside the differences and team up. I don't think Ibra would agree for such an alliance, but if he would that would make more sense too. Between the three of them if two of them team up that would sure change things a lot. Now is the time to fight for the people, for a better Maldives, it's not about who gets the title. They need to understand that.

The best part of the Q & A was the 'Bridge' by Maumoon. That was shocking. I did not really get pissed by that same old trick; but more it was really entertaining. We already have one Bridge between Villigili and Male', tonight I enjoyed the 2nd one. The view was excellent when I was in sea house having a coffee'.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Emperor of the Galaxy.

Vader continues over looking into the space then wonders again. "This is one thing my master and I have always shared: a common penchant for a scenic view". Only difference is the throne and the name "Emperor". The view is Impressive. Most impressive. The day is here; Darth Vader has broken away to fulfill his destiny. No longer serves his master, but always impressed and inspired by him.

He was interrupted by the lieutenant who came in to report the terrorist fleet; which does not hold much meaning to Darth Vader. His mission now is to conquer the Death Star, not to worry about the rebels and the low men...... The Jedi's are no longer a threat; Master Qui-Gon Jinn and Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi no longer fight as one.

"Your service will be remembered, and rewarded," spoke Darth Vader . The Lieutenant bowed his head and walks out. As Lord Vader continued his lunch with leek soup and toss salad. He usually takes his meals alone in his chambers, as he enjoyed the view.

Past reference from my previous post from May 2007..