Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Who is the killer?

Seems we have a killer or force of killers who are killing, "god haters" and "drug addicts" in and just out of jail. The last episode a guy was found dead in the harbour (previous "koafaa" came down from the sky in jail). According to official sources, he was set free from police on 13th. Amazingly this guy managed to be invisible since then and appeared dead in the harbour. Its a good thing he was found, if he was not then we know what would be the case. Yes, obviously the police will be the direct pin point. So he had to be found. Some of the reports and views say if police was really the culprit, why will he even be "found". Yes, I agree. Why will he be even found if they were behind it? He won't. Thats the basic logic. I think that logic is not so hard to figure out, even for the police and MDP. I guess its a good thing he was found, if not we won't have faith in police anymore :P Yes, we would be scared for our friends and family if they were ever taken to police?

As for MDP, we know how they are. They are always looking for an excuse to anger the people and over throw the government. I think they are also too desperate to come to power. I don't think that should be the objective. There are better ways to deal with these things in a more mature way. Just by saying "golaaboa faibaa" is not solving any problems. MDP surely lacks good leadership, and people like former AG and Zaki (ex minister) are not the right people to be trusted. Its a different story that Abu Sufiyaan converted to Islam and contributed immensely to Islam but Munavar and Zaki are not those "Abu's". Under the ex AG there has been so much unjust done, and I am not ready to accept him. As for Zaki, I don't think I should say anything more.

Point being neither of the parties are doing any good to the people. The whole objective is to rule over the country and gateway to more money. Getting fed up of these fights and killings now. We need a change, and the changes we are witnessing is not set in the right directions. I mean talk about MDP, they brought out people like Mavotaa Shareef and Karnel Nasheed as MDP leaders. Come on guys, were you joking or what? No hope at all. I'd rather call MDP, DVP (Dhivehi Viyafaariveringe Party) so for me there is DRP and DVP. The whole objective of both, "money "and "power", the people come after (for the sake of votes).

The people we pay from our tax; and to whom we trust our lives with is the other story. More than trust presently we fear the police and army. Why? I don't know, maybe obvious reasons. No need to go into details but the fact is the public view is not what it should be. Maybe they lack the "good" and "honest" leadership too. Who are there to "protect and serve the Maldivians" not just to "protect and serve , blank blank". I know I'd be attacked back for saying this, but won't be anything new to me. Its just my view, and I think no one can take that freedom away from me, unless I am too found missing, then DEAD! Next, some will tell me "who cares about politics". Its no longer politics, its about peoples lives and our kids future in this country, if you ask me not to care about it...or ignore them, then what should we care about? Least we can do is voice out our concerns and views.

Now back to the original question. "Who is the killer". You and me. We are killing our own people. Each of us should be responsible for these killings, agree or not.

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talkinelf said...

Man the article is well written and the facts you have provided are pretty valid too. its just that we arnt much familiar with such incidents and the caption of these photos distributed in the networks is whats inciting these conspiracies. as we all know Maldivians tend to believe what ever they hear, we arnt accustomed to look in to the facts and research on possibilities.