Friday, March 21, 2008

facebook on mobiles

No question, facebook is the most popular social networking portal for most Maldivians. Most of us do have facebook accounts; all most all of us carry a mobile. This is where a relationship can be started. A good one.

Already facebook provides a WAP portal; but just browsing facebook via WAP might not give the full mobile user experience. Example; what if you can sign up and identify yourself via your mobile number instead of your email address, send a MMS and change your profile picture, or even change your status via a SMS and even poke directly to the mobile.

One of the advantages of facebook is its open API's. You can build applications using the the facebook developer platforms, so developers can take advantage of these functions. There is a lot of possibilities using these advantages. We all know the number of applications that stormed us during the last few months on facebook, very creative stuff indeed. Imagine if you can bring it all to the mobile as well. Then you don't need to go to your computer every time to interact with these applications, etc.

Already there are applications you can install on your handset and do some of the above, but not everyone likes installing additional applications on the handsets. The best approach I feel will be good old SMS,MMS and WAP with some kind of connectivity with the local MNO's. That sure will make a difference on the user experience.

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