Sunday, September 21, 2008


I can't think of any other title. Back in 2005 I posted this (website of the year 2004) . Since then we come a long way. A lot have changed and so much that most of us even have forgot the recent history. Basic ideologies, theories and ethics have been redefined. All in the name of "Change".

Today officially the website which have played a major role in the "Change" process is also changed. Maybe it's not a change for some; for others it is. I don't know where to place my view. I would say it does not matter. Sappe' always was close to Mr. Gasim and it's no surprise to me. For people who are against the idea; I would say why are you so disappointed?. Anyway today some people refuse to believe that Internet played a major role in this reform process but I strongly stand against that statement. I like to believe that all this started off from the Internet. Sappe' of DO had his contribution too. That needs to be acknowledged. His choice is his freedom, we should respect that regardless of our own belief and views. Maybe I never fully agreed with the method of name calling and all the cartoons but guess that did work for the people of Maldives. There was some entertainment, jokes, news, etc. I know a few people who only went on the Internet just to read DO. Many other web sites followed DO to counter attack DO, which proved that DO did have an impact. Anyway I guess we are almost at the end of that stage of media. Things have evolved a bit, more blogs are up. People expressing the individual views, etc. I guess this is a better direction then with anonymous names.

Sappe' has officially published a press release endorsing Gasim Ibrahim.

Another movement has started off in the name of New Dhivehi Observer. (the yellow color bar at the top says to me it's backed by MDP supporters)

Now it's more like the kids have grown and the business is split.

However I like to believe that popularity of these kind of web sites will fade in a few months and new media will take over. Introduction of new TV, Radio and Newspapers have certainly started to change things. I guess it's time to thank the people on all sides (gov and opposition) for the time, entertainment and wish them luck. Though this is not the end of political news on the Internet I guess the days of DO and alike are over. Thank you.

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moyameehaa said...

yup. if it wasnt for the internet things would be a lot different i should say. sandhaanu,maldivesculture, especially sappe' and several other people on the net did play a major role in this.

...the traditional media guys should stop underestimating new media and web2.0 coz its the future.i think they should start acknowledging em..well.. much bigger and older ones like BBC are even bending.

but the sad thing is that all (many) maldivians dont have access to internet.but mobile helps a lil...and the good news is this will lead to a more free and balanced media. who knows; a day might come when a tv progam called 'blogthakun' will be on tvm or VOM may air syndicated podcasts from bloggers.