Friday, March 27, 2009

Parliamentarians (F you)

I don't have a reason to be nice or to lobby certain people, so I'd just shoot what I feel. I feel this rat race which we know as the parliament election is just another show. Waste of time and money. I don't think electing anyone will do any good or will improve anything for the common people like me.

The election only holds benefits to the business community and the serving politicians. If you look at the list of some of the candidates you begin to wonder, why the parties will even give a ticket to ride for these individuals. They will not have anything to give back to us politically or being parliamentarians. However the parties brought this people to the front and now are asking us to vote for these people. Then you start to wonder why?.

The way I see it, this is a very simple power game. The opposition parties are looking to win this election so they might have a chance to over throw the existing government. The government is trying their best to stay in power by electing members who will back MDP. This is the game, there is no right and wrong here, or you and me. It comes down to a simple power game. Nothing to do with defending our rights or improving our lives or anything in those lines. For the candidates it's a good offer too, 65k or so a month salary. So why not?

Shame on the political parties too. Recently all they do is to blame each other. Hardly any party comes out and tries to help the public by contributing in a productive way. All they ever do is just play the same old "point" and "blame" game. Maybe this is democracy for them, or the political way. Which by no means benefits anyone in the public. I am getting totally sick of these stuff, as I had hope like many of us for a better future. The present government too is making so many mistakes and hardly have any time to even listen to the concerned people in the public. The total focus in the last few months have been securing seats. All political activists have been transformed to politicians. They sing a new song or don't care anymore.

Next fear I have is that if MDP wins this election they might try to change the system of governance to a parliamentary system. This is something that is totally unacceptable by a lot of us as this gives the business community more power. Even as of now the government is controlled by a lot of influential businessmen. We for sure don't want to see this expand.

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