Friday, April 03, 2009

The Friday preachers

Every Friday we hear the Adaalath talk about social issues in relation to Islam and what we have become. Namely things like we follow our own man made rules (Constitution), and don't follow gods ways (Quran/Sharia), etc. This week we got to know why fishing is so bad, and why it does not rain. We were given the solution too, however the case of the captured terrorists (Maldivian Jihaadees) in Paakisthaan was not addressed. It was not addressed while every other week they talked about killings and suicides.

I have not many comments on the thinking Adaalath is trying to spread and what it's vision of our country is. However I don't think they support the moderate Islamic views that we have been following all these years. May god bless the people of the country and not make this country another Peshawar. Seems like it is slowly starting gear in that direction, or some people are motivated to take us there.

From what I see from some people, I feel they are under the impression that Mohamed (PBH) was born and raised in Pakistan or India. We ask them why dress the way they do, and they will tell you "this" is how Mohamed (PBH) lived and dressed.

P.S. I know religion is a controversial subject and opinions may differ. I fully understand that, however what I publish here is my view, just like what Adaalath preaches on Fridays their views.

Just another style of dressing. I don't see any relation to religion here. It's more a cult thing.

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Stewie said...

Did you see the Religulous of Bill Maher. He talks about these costumes. Its very similar these rock stars any star who needs attention of the crowd with colorful dresses and make up and weird outfits, the same costumes are used by religious preachers and they are crowd pleasers too you know. Its more of a show thing and not a personal belief and connection between them and God or anything like that.

This preaches has got to stop. Its not helping us as a nation or humans to grow and develop. its old and very medieval ideas and ideologies. Everyone interprets and has the right to interpret their own way on religious matters based on Quran and Hadith.
I think we have a misconception here with friday sermon. We believe that sermon should be related to some religious propaganda or hatred speech or jehad or rules and regulations that is prescribed within Quran and Hadith. But with a discern mind, when i think abt it, the concept behind it is all moslems gather on Friday prayers and its a chance for state to address citizens on pressing issues. It can be housing, economy, family values etc and it should be delivered by those from that particular background and with relevent education. If state decides this week its about strengthening faith, then it will a schollar from Islamic ministry. If the sermon is schedule to address abt economy then Finance minister can preach and it can be on all mosque.
We have to evolve our sermons keeping our core values.
My point is at Mohamed's time the sermon's meant to inform the people on pressing issues and current affairs, NOT talk about jews Fikree Hagraama...